AFF championship fixture 2020 (Revised 2021 Schedule)

AFF Championship Fixture

The football event of the teams associated with the ASEAN Football Federation will start from the December 5, 2021 to January 1, 2022. The AFF Championship Fixtures 2020 are revised to make the event possible in 2021.

The 13th edition of this championship was firstly scheduled in 2020 but, due to pandemic, it was not possible to manage the event.


DateMatch vs.VenueGroup
5 December 2021Timor-Leste vs ThailandKallangA
5 December 2021 Singapore vs MyanmarKallang A
6 December 2021 Cambodia vs MalaysiaBishanB
6 December 2021 Laos vs VietnamBishan B
8 December 2021 Myanmar vs Timor-Leste Kallang A
8 December 2021 Philippines vs Singapore Kallang A
9 December 2021 Malaysia vs Laos Bishan B
9 December 2021 Indonesia vs Cambodia Bishan B
11 December 2021 Timor-Leste vs PhilippineKallang A
11 December 2021 Thailand vs Myanmar Kallang A
12 December 2021 Laos vs IndonesiaBishanB
12 December 2021 Vietnam vs MalaysiaBishanB
14 December 2021 Philippine vs Thailand Kallang A
14 December 2021 Singapore vs Timor-Leste Kallang A
15 December 2021 Cambodia vs Laos Bishan B
15 December 2021 Indonesia vs Vietnam Bishan B
18 December 2021 Thailand vs Singapore Kallang A
18 December 2021 Myanmar vs Philippine Bishan A
19 December 2021 Vietnam vs Cambodia Bishan B
19 December 2021 Malaysia vs IndonesiaKallang B

The group stage will complete on December 19. The semi-finalist teams will play from December 22 to December 26.

The 1st leg of semi final is:

  • Runner up Group A vs Winner Group B
  • Runner up Group B vs Winner Group A

While the 2nd leg is:

  • Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group A
  • Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B

Finals will also be played in 2 legs. The 1st leg is

  • Winner Semi-final 1 vs Winner Semi-final 2

While the 2nd leg is:

  • Winner Semi-final 2 vs Winner Semi-final 1

Any further updates in the schedule will be available as soon as the group stage ends up.

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