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AFF Championship Prize Money


AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 Prize Money | Pool Money

AFF Championship Prize Money

AFF Championship 2020, which is postponed due to rising cases of covid-19 now take place in 2021. The event sponsored by “Suzuki” and competition also know as AFF Suzuki Cup. It’s 13th edition of the AFF Championship, previously no details released how much team get paid for winning and participation. AFF Championship 2020 prize money reported.

AFF Championship 2020 Prize Money


Prize Money

No of Teams







Semi Finalists



Total Prize Money


The total prize money adjusted for the AFC Suzuki 2020, ($500k). Winning team of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020, will receive it’s share of $300k guaranteed. Runner-up will grab $100k from the competition. currently no details released how much participation fees paid to each team.

Two semi finalist who got knockout from the finals race, will received $50k each. Once the official details for most goal scorer prize and team participation’s fees reported it will be provided here.

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