Africa Cup of Nations 2021 Complete Match Schedule

Africa Cup Nations Schedule

The main international football cup in Africa is a display of the talents of African football players. The first edition held in 1957 and since 1968, it held after every 2 years. Moreover, the 33rd edition of Africa Cup of Nations schedule announced. The tournament will start from January 9, 2022 and will end up on February 5.

Africa Cup Of Nations Schedule 2021

There are 6 groups and each group has 4 teams. The complete fixture schedule is as follow

DateTeamsVenueGroupsTime (GMT)
9 January 2022Cameroon vs Burkina FasoYaoundéA17:00
9 January 2022Ethiopia vs Cape VerdeYaoundé A20:00
10 January 2022Senegal vs ZimbabweBafoussamB14:00
10 January 2022Guinea vs MalawiBafoussamB17:00
10 January 2022Morocco vs GhanaYaoundéC17:00
10 January 2022Comoros vs GabonYaoundéC20:00
11 January 2022Algeria vs Sierra LeoneDoualaE14:00
11 January 2022Nigeria vs EgyptGarouaD17:00
11 January 2022Sudan vs Guinea-BissauGarouaD20:00
12 January 2022Tunisia vs MaliLimbeF14:00
12 January 2022Mauritania vs GambiaLimbe F17:00
12 January 2022Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory CoastDoualaE20:00
13 January 2022Cameroon vs EthiopiaYaoundé A17:00
13 January 2022Cape Verde vs Burkina FasoYaoundé A20:00
14 January 2022Senegal vs GuineaBafoussamB14:00
14 January 2022Malawi vs ZimbabweBafoussamB17:00
14 January 2022Morocco vs ComorosYaoundé C17:00
14 January 2022Gabon vs GhanaYaoundé C20:00
15 January 2022Nigeria vs SudanGarouaD17:00
15 January 2022Guinea-Bissau vs EgyptGaroua D20:00
16 January 2022Gambia vs MaliLimbeF14:00
16 January 2022Tunisia vs MauritaniaLimbeF17:00
16 January 2022Ivory Coast vs Sierra LeoneDoualaE17:00
16 January 2022Algeria vs Equatorial GuineaDoualaE20:00
17 January 2022Cape Verde vs CameroonYaoundé A17:00
17 January 2022Burkina Faso vs EthiopiaBafoussamA17:00
18 January 2022Malawi vs SenegalBafoussamB17:00
18 January 2022Zimbabwe vs GuineaYaoundéB17:00
18 January 2022Gabon vs MoroccoYaoundé C20:00
18 January 2022Ghana vs ComorosGaroua C20:00
19 January 2022Guinea-Bissau vs NigeriaGaroua D20:00
19 January 2022Egypt vs SudanYaoundé D20:00
20 January 2022Ivory Coast vs AlgeriaDoualaE17:00
20 January 2022Sierra Leone vs Equatorial GuineaLimbeE17:00
20 January 2022Gambia vs TunisiaLimbeF20:00
20 January 2022Mali vs MauritaniaDoualaF20:00

These are the match fixtures for group stage of Africa Cup. A total of 36 matches will be played among the teams at different venues. Moreover, there is a knockout stage as well as teams will compete for the 3rd position in the table. The prize money of the Africa cup 2022 released.

Further schedule will be on the site once the teams qualify for the knockout and eliminator rounds.

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