African Nations Championship Schedule & Complete Match Dates (Revealed)

African Nations Championship Schedule

Corona Pandemic and FIFA World Cup cause the postponement of African Nations Championship but now the schedule confirmed. The tournament was originally to take place from July to August 2022. But now, the kick-off is on January 8, 2023 while the first fixture is on 13th. It is 7th edition, organized by Confederation of African Football (CAF). While TotalEnergies is the main title sponsor of the event.

Match No.DateTeamsVenueStage
1January 13, 2023Algeria vs LibyaBaraki Stadium, AlgiersGroup A
2January 13, 2023Ethiopia vs MozambiqueBaraki Stadium, AlgiersGroup A
3January 14, 2023DR Congo vs Uganda19 May Stadium, AnnabaGroup B
4January 14, 2023Ivory Coast vs Senegal19 May Stadium, AnnabaGroup B
5January 15, 2023Morocco vs SudanMohamed Hamlaoui Stadium, ConstantineGroup C
6January 15, 2023Madagascar vs GhanaMohamed Hamlaoui Stadium, ConstantineGroup C
7January 16, 2023Mali vs AngolaMiloud Hadefi Stadium, OranGroup D
8January 16, 2023Cameroon vs CongoMiloud Hadefi Stadium, OranGroup E
9January 17, 2023Algeria vs EthiopiaBaraki Stadium, AlgiersGroup A
10January 17, 2023Mozambique vs LibyaBaraki Stadium, AlgiersGroup A
11January 18, 2023DR Congo vs Ivory Coast19 May Stadium, AnnabaGroup B
12January 18, 2023Senegal vs Uganda19 May Stadium, AnnabaGroup B
13January 19, 2023Morocco vs MadagascarMohamed Hamlaoui Stadium, ConstantineGroup C
14January 19, 2023Ghana vs SudanMohamed Hamlaoui Stadium, ConstantineGroup C
15January 20, 2023Angola vs MauritaniaMiloud Hadefi Stadium, OranGroup D
16January 20, 2023Congo vs NigerMiloud Hadefi Stadium, OranGroup E
17January 21, 2023Mozambique vs AlgeriaBaraki Stadium, AlgiersGroup A
18January 21, 2023Libya vs Ethiopia19 May Stadium, AnnabaGroup A
19January 22, 2023Senegal vs DR Congo19 May Stadium, AnnabaGroup B
20January 22, 2023Uganda vs Ivory CoastBaraki Stadium, AlgiersGroup B
21January 23, 2023Ghana vs MoroccoMohamed Hamlaoui Stadium, ConstantineGroup C
22January 23, 2023Sudan vs MadagascarMiloud Hadefi Stadium, OranGroup C
23January 24, 2023Mauritania vs MaliMiloud Hadefi Stadium, OranGroup D
24January 24, 2023Niger vs CameroonMiloud Hadefi Stadium, OranGroup E
25January 27, 2023Winners Group A vs Runners-up Group BBaraki Stadium, AlgiersQF1
26January 27, 2023Winners Group B vs Winners Group D19 May Stadium, AnnabaQF2
27January 28, 2023Winners Group C vs Runners-up Group AMohamed Hamlaoui Stadium, ConstantineQF3
28January 28, 2023Winners Group E vs Runners-up Group CMiloud Hadefi Stadium, OranQF4
29January 31, 2023Winners QF1 vs Winners QF4Miloud Hadefi Stadium, OranSF1
30January 31, 2023Winners QF2 vs Winners QF3Baraki Stadium, AlgiersSF2
31February 3, 2023Losers SF1 vs Losers SF2Miloud Hadefi Stadium, Oran3rd Place
32February 4, 2023Winners SF1 vs Winners SF2Baraki Stadium, AlgiersFinal

African Nations Championship 2022 Schedule & Match Fixtures

Group Stage: The 1st match of the tournament will take place on January 13, 2023 while the Baraki Stadium, Algiers is the host. Total of 24 matches scheduled in the group stage and teams are divided into 5 groups. Group A, B and C have 4 teams each. While Group D and E have 3 teams each.

Knockout Stage: 2 participant teams which finish at top from Group A, B, C and the winner of Group D and E will move to the next part of the tournament. 4 quarter-final scheduled which will lead ultimately to the semis. The final 4 will compete for getting entry into the decider on January 31 and the 3rd position match is on February 3, 2023. While the winners of semis will face each other on February 4 and one will pick the cup.

All these are the details about the African Nations Championship 2022 schedule and match fixtures. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!