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Arsenal Kit Contract Deal and value


Arsenal Kit Deal With Adidas Until 2024 | Contract Worth Of £300 Million For Five Years

Arsenal Signed a Kit deal with german sports manufacturer, Adidas in 2018. The deal was set to start making kits for the Gunners from the 2018-2019 season. Arsenal Kit Contract Deal with Adidas is a whopping £60m per year deal.

The Gunners with this lucrative deal stands third on the most expensive kit supplier deals in the English football league.

Let’s take a look at the financial numbers behind Arsenal Kit Contract Deal with Adidas:

Kit SupplierAdidas
DURATION5 years (2019-2024)
Yearly payments£60 million
Total payment over 5 years£300 million
Any performance-related clauses?£5 million a year will be added to the yearly deal if Arsenal qualifies for the Champion League.

Arsenal’s lucrative deal with Sports giants, Adidas, seen the Gunners take £60 million per annum. The total worth of the deal is £300 million over 5 years. This deal ended Gunner’s five-year partnership with Puma.

The current Arsenal-Adidas deal will end in 2024. However, the deal sees Arsenal hold the 7th biggest kit deal supplier contract currently on the football scene.

Arsenal Shirt sponsorship Contract Deal

Then, the Fly Emirates Now “Emirates – Fly Better” is the official shirt sponsor for Gunners since 2006. The deal was struck first in 2006. In 2018, After twelve years later, Emirates extended its shirt sponsorship with Arsenal for the next five years.

Let’s see the details and numbers behind the new deal:

DURATION5 years (2019-20 season to 2023-24)
Yearly payments£40 million a year
Total payment over 5 years£200 million
Any performance-related clauses?£2 million a year will be awarded into the yearly deal if Arsenal qualifies for Champions League.

The Fly Emirates deal with Gunner saw them take £40 million a year. The total value for the deal is worth £200 million over 5 years from 2019-2024. Through Arsenal, The Emirates logo holds household recognition among staple football fans.

Moreover, the deal has a clause of an additional £2 million a year. The clause can be triggered only if Arsenal qualifies for Champions League.

Arsenal Sleeve Contract Deal

In 2018, Arsenal looped in Rwanda Development Board for a sleeve sponsorship deal. Initially, it was a three-year deal, but after two years, it was extended for further 3 years.

The deal was worth £10m a year. The total value of the deal is now £50m over 5 years. The deal also made “Visit Rwanda” the Official Tourism Partner of the club.

The deal initially brought criticism to the Rwandan government to invest the money in the foreign football clubs.

However, the deal has since proved fruitful for both parties, with Rwanda even observing an 8% lift in their tourism numbers.


Arsenal is enjoying big money through its kit sponsorship deals.

Arsenal kit deal with Adidas is worth £300 million over 5 years. This deal ended Gunner’s five-year partnership with Puma. Through this deal, Gunners is making £60m per year.

Arsenal’s new deal with the Fly Emirates is worth £200 million over 5 years from 2019-2024. The deal is worth around £40 million per annum.

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