The whole process of making Ballon d’Or trophy revealed

Ballon d’Or is widely regarded as the most prestigious individual prize a football can win as it is awarded to the most outstanding player of the previous year. It was first presented back in 1954 by “FranceFootball” a news magazine and voted by highly acclaimed sports journalists till 2006 but from 2007 onwards national team coaches and captains also vote alonside selected journalists from around the world.

Ballon d’Or trophy is created every year and given to the eventual winner who gets to keep it. It was first awarded to best footballer of the year back in 1956 and since than its design remained the same.

Today we take a look at Ballon d’Or trophy and how it is made and whether it is retained by the winner or not. The trophy itself is called “Golden Ball” and there is a long process and creating the trophy every year.

Process and Material used to make Ballon d’Or Trophy:

Famous french jewelry family “Mellerio dits Melle” designed the first Ballon d’Or back in 1956 and since than they have been doing the deed every year. Since it was presented back in 1954, it has retain its originality and not much have changed in the trophy itself. So every year number of highly qualified masters like jeweler, goldsmith, engraver, receiver and polishing work together to make what we see as the final product on Ballon dor night.

It is mainly made of two hemispheres of brass which takes the shape after hammering from the opposite side and after that wielded together by a goldsmith with the help of blowtorch.

This is the raw trophy which is laterdipped in melted gold.

Once it takes the shape of the ball, it is sent to a carver who fills the ball with tar and polish the lines made with pencil as they take ball seam shape. Once his carving job is done he removes the tar and send the trophy back to goldsmith.

At goldsmith, they polish the trophy and engrave Ballon d’Or logo and complete the process by dipping it in the melted gold.

31” cm high / 23” cm wide / 23” cm deep, weighing at 5kg with 18-carat gold coating the Ballon d’Or trophy is ready to be given to the eventual winner.

Once the winner is announced, his name is engraved on the trophy but at already attached plate to the base.

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