Ten Football Players Who Are Still On Small Contracts

Young players like Mason Mount, Phil Foden, and Gavi break into the first team with their extraordinary performances in recent times. However, these players and similar to them are yet to renew their contracts or sign a new ones. Hence they are earning the same wages the day they were previously agreed. Which Means, that despite their day after day, match-winning extraordinary contributions, they are still making peanuts as compared to the rest of the squad. In this post, we look at some of the current best and big players in the world on small contracts, which don’t offer much money compared to other players or compared to how much they are worth.

Big Players On Small Contracts

There are Currently 8 Big Players On Small Contracts. Their contract was signed when they were in the academy, hence they are earning the same wage till their new contract. Big Players In Small Contracts are:

1). Theo Hernandez – AC Milan

AC Milan defense bac-bone and leading the defense from the front, Theor Hernandez is one of the best current LB-s. He is one of the main components of the Revival of Milan. However, his earnings still abide by the contract. At the start of this season, he was earning under €40K a week. However, He signed a new contract where he earns €86K a week, which is still low compared to his role and other Milan players’ salaries.

2). Mason Mount – Chelsea

Mason Mount is a Chelsea graduate and hence broke into the first team with the same old contract. At the end of his contract, he will sign a new one with better and higher wages. His performances in UCL and League will boost his wages. He will surely sign a new contract with Chelsea. He has been Chelsea’s most consistent player in recent times. Mount is one of the best players for Chelsea in the least three seasons. However, despite good performance week after week, He earned only €80K. Compared to his other attacking teammates, it’s literally nothing.

3). Phil Foden – Manchester City

From resting on the bench to Starting every league, and UCL match, Phil Foden has clearly marked himself as one of the best youngsters in the world. He later proved himself as a Generational talent like Mabppe. However, His contract is nothing like Mabppe’s. Till now, Foden hasn’t renewed his contract yer. So, basically, he still earns €29K a week. That is insane if we compared it with what others like KDB, Mahrez, and Dias are earning. Given his age and the quality of player he is, That is literally peanuts.

4). Edouard Mendy – Chelsea

Eduard Mendy recently proved his worth by winning multiple titles with club and country. His performance truly outshined one of the best Goalkeepers in the game. However, his induction big player on the small contracts list is not a surprise. Considering he was playing in the second division in France in 2019. Lampard’s decision to bring him a Chelsea changed both parties’ luck. However, in terms of money, He still earning what he agreed on his transfer. He earns €50K a week which is one of the lowest for a goalkeeper in the premier league.

5). Bukayo Saka – Arsenal

Arsenal Young Gun and the world of football prodigy, Bukayo Saka are showing class match after match. With Arsenal Eyeing a return to UCL this year, Bukayo Saka is playing a pivotal role. However, Bukayo Saka, like Mason Mount and Phil Foden, hasn’t renewed his contract. Saka only earns €30K a week. Compared to What Pepe is earning at Arsenal, this is an injustice to the lad. However, it is a matter of time now before Arsenal gives him a new and better contract that offers higher wages. There’s no second opinion as he has been one of their best and most consistent players since Arteta Arrived.

6). Raphina – Leeds

Raphina is Barcelona’s number one priority and Target in the Summer transfer window. If the transfer happened, then He will earn 3 times more than what he is wearing at Leeds. However, Barcelona is waiting on Leeds’s position. As if Leed gets relegated, his buyout clause will fall to half.

However, at Leeds, Raphina is the highest earner with the wages of €53K a week. But compared to his talent, and what other premier league players are earning, it’s very low. Raphina is one of the most entertaining players in the league at the moment.

7). Fabian Ruiz – Napoli

Last year, Fabian Ruiz due to his exceptional breakthrough season was linked to almost all the top clubs in Europe. Defining his ability in the midfield position, he will be a perfect fit for any team. Despite being a good midfielder, he earns around €53K a week. This is very low for one of the best midfielders in Serie A. Considering his age and low wages, Top clubs are interested to sign him.

8). Mikel Oyarzabal – Real Socided

In comparison with other La Liga players who have been paid decently in recent times, Mikel Oyarzabal is surely under-payed. As compared to his teammates who don’t play or perform as well as him, Mikel Oyarzabal gets peanuts for his efforts. The 25-year-old earned himself a paycheque between €40K-€60K a week. However, Due to his recent performance, His paycheque might increase with a big move in the summer.