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Champions League Prize Money 2022


UEFA has revealed the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League Prize Money Breakdown

Champions League Prize Money 2022

The UEFA Champions League Prize Money for the 2021/2022 season has been revealed and It sees an hike of 5% from the last edition. The winners of 2022 competition can take home as much as €75m to €110m depending on the league the clubs comes from. In this post you will see the complete breakdown of Champions League prize money. However, before going directly on the prize money breakdown, let’s develop a basic understanding of:

  • How Uefa actually generate revenue and what percentage goes to evey club competition under UEFA banner?
  • whats is UEFA revenue share model with which clubs are compensated for playing in UEFA competitions?

UEFA Champion League 2021/22 prize money distribution system

The forecasted revenue of this year’s champions league is a total of €1.95bn. The available revenue will be distributed among clubs based into four different pillars that are:

  1. 25% allocated as guaranteed payments to clubs who qualify for Champions League. (€488m)
  2. 30% will be distributed on the basis of ten-year performance-based coefficient rankings (€585m)
  3. 15% will be given to the variable amounts like market pool (€292m).
  4. 30% would be given to the performance-based amounts which is (€585m).

Revenue distribution starts at playoff stage where 10 clubs who lost in playoffs and failed to make it to group stage are awarded €5 million each. followed by guaranteed payment of €15.25 million to each of the 32 clubs qualified for the group stages. Below table breakdowns the entire distribution model.

  • : Guaranteed to each of the 32 clubs in group stage.
  • Performance Bonus: €2.7 Million for every win in group stage, €900,000 for draw.
  • Round of 16: €9.6 million each for 16 clubs in round of 16

UEFA Champions League 2021/22 Prize Money Table

Stage Prize Money Share
Preliminary round€230K to each losing club in preliminary round.
First qualifying round€300K to each losing club in first qualifying round.
Second qualifying round€400K to each losing club in second qualifying round.
Third Qualifying stage€500K to each losing club in third qualifying round.
Playoff Bonus€5 million each for 10 teams losing in champions league playoffs
Participation Payments:€15.5m to each of the 32 clubs qualified for group stage.
Performance Bonus€2.7m for every win in group stage and €900,000 for every draw.
Knockout Qualification€10.5m awarded to each of the 16 teams qualifying knockouts.
Quarterfinals€11.5m awarded to each of the 8 teams qualifying for quarterfinal
Semifinals€12.5 million for each of the four semifinalists.
Runners-up€16 million for losing team in the final
Winners€20 million is added to winning teams already earned payments.
Potential EarningsDepending on where the club finish in champions league clubs can clear minimum of €16m and can earn upto over €60m from this pot.
the payment system accumulates money each round and eventual winners can take home more then €60 million from just fixed and performance based payments.

The above table shows that how much money a club can make from fixed and performance based revenue pot. Next is the Market pool share which can pretty much double clubs total earnings depending on the league what they club belongs to.

Champion League Prize Money Market pool (€292m)

Market pool plays an important hand in teams revenue. A big chunk of the revenue is linked to the “market pool”. Its distribution is determined by the value of the television market in each nation.

The estimated amount of €292m will be divided among teams. It will be based on their proportional TV market value.

1/2 amount from the total, will be divided among the clubs based on their performances in the previous championships.

The following split among the clubs from any given association will apply.

4 teams3 teams2 teams1 team
Third place20%20%
Fourth place10%

However, there is further cash on offer for reaching the 2022 UEFA Super Cup

  • €4.5m going to the eventual winner of super Cup
  • €3.5m for the runners-up.

FAQs Regarding Champions League

What is the Total prize money pool for the 2021/22 Champions League?

€1.95bn is the total prize money.

How much is the winning team get to win the Champions League final?

€20m for winning the final plus accumulation of payments from previous rounds can take total earnings from fixed and performance based payments to over €60 million.

How much did Chelsea make last year in the Champions League?

A collective Total of €85m from fixed/performance and TV market pool.

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