How Much Champions League Trophy Value | The Cost of 11 kg of silver Used In Making of It

Champions league holds the most prestigious and significant value at club-level football. This is mainly due to the participating teams. As the league is well known for having the biggest clubs in Europe competing for prestigious titles. Every year UEFA holds the Champion league tournament at the start of September. During the last week of May, Two teams rumble for the title. In the end, the winner of the event will take the trophy home. But like Other football trophies, each has its own market value. So, the question arises How much is the Cost of the Champions League Trophy? Without wasting any moment let’s find out the answer.

Champions League Trophy Cost

In club football history, the UEFA champions league is regarded as one of the most iconic trophies. Every year Champions league tournament is take place and top club teams across different leagues participate and try to win the cup. In the end, the winning team is presented with the European Champion Clubs’ Cup

let’s have a look at How much the Champions League Trophy costs:

Worth US $10,812
Material11 kg of silver is used to make a Champions League trophy
Weight11 kg / 24 lb
Height74 cm/ 29 in
Diameter44 cm
ShapeLike an open face cup

Champion league trophy was designed by Jürg Stadelmann. He was a jeweler from Bern, Switzerland. The trophy cost 10,000 Swiss francs which then converted into US dollars worth $10,812.

The champions league was first started in the 1955-1956 season under the name of the UEFA cup. In 1990, UEFA general body change the format of the tournament and name it the UEFA champions league. Real Madrid won the most number of times (13).

Champions League trophy Cost & made of?

The champion league trophy is a weight around 11 kg or 24 lb. The height of the trophy is 74cm tall and is made of sterling silver. The trophy is not actually as valuable as you might expect. It has a reported value of just over US $10,000. But it holds the prestigious glory.

The champions league trophy has the shape of an open-face cup with two handles. The winning team received golden medals and the runners-up gets silver medals.

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