10 Clubs With Highest Shirts Sales: Manchester United lead the charts yet again even with mediocre season on the pitch.

After Bayern Munich surprisingly lead the shirts sale list in 2020/21 season, Manchester United came roaring back to the top in 2022 calendar year and top the list of clubs with most shirts sold this season so far.

The Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich sold 3.2 million units of shirts in the last calendar year overtaking commercial giant that is Manchester United who sold 3.16 Million jersey which was a massive surprise considering Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival. However, in 2022 Manchester United has take back their top spot with over 3.2 million shirts sold by September 2022.

Why Manchester United Lead The Shirt Sale Charts Worldwide?

United might not be the same juggernaut on the pitch but off it they are different beast. insane marketing prowess of Manchester United combine that with loyal fan base not only in England but worldwide absolute smash all kind of commercial success. Over the last 20 years since sport analytic companies started collecting shirt sales numbers, United have top the list on more then 16 occasions. They set the record in 2020 with just short of 4 million shirt sales which is highest by any club.

  • In 2021, Bayern Munich over took United as highest shirt sales which was down to the fact shirt sales numbers are collected from October to September next year. Which means Ronaldo’s potential impact on shirt sales was not counted last year.
  • This year’s however United got their no.1 spot back thanks to 3.2 million shirt sales and as expected Ronaldo was the highest shirt seller.

Football Clubs With Highest Shirt Sold

Of the top 11 clubs, 5 are from England. United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and City. While Spain has three clubs in the top 11 list. Germany and Italy feature only once with Bayern Munich and Juventus.

The Football Clubs With Highest Shirt Sold are in 2022.

RankClubShirts SoldKit SupplierHIGHEST SELLER
1Manchester United3,220,000AdidasCristiano Ronaldo
2Real Madrid3,106,000AdidasKarim Benzema
3Bayern Munich2,825,000AdidasSadio Mane
4Liverpool2,210,000NikeMohammad Salah
5Barcelona1,822,000NikeRobert Lewandowski
6Juventus1,250,000AdidasRobert Lewandowski
7Chelsea1,190,000NikeKai Havertz
8PSG1,120,000NikeJude Bellingham
9Arsenal1,050,000AdidasLionel Messi
10Manchester City950,000PumaErling Haaland
11Atletico Madrid790,000NikeJao Felix