Copa America 2021 Match Schedule (Confirmed)

Copa America 2021 has been confirmed by south american football federation (CONMEBOL) and it will take place from 11 June 2021 to 10 July 2020 exactly the same dates as UEFA Euro 2020 which is also taking place in the summer of 2021. Copa America was originally scheduled for 2020 but due to covid-19 pandemic it was postponed. It will be the first time ever that more than one country is hosting the tournament as both Argentina and Colombia will share host the tournament.

Below is the final confirmed tournament fixture list from group stages to the finals but it remains to be seen whether by the time Copa America 2021 starts the fans will be allowed in the stadium or not.

Copa America 2021 Final Match Schedule (Confirmed):

There will be 10 usual South American teams plus 2 Australia (invitation) and Qatar (invitation) making it 12 teams divided in two groups of 6 teams each. Every team will play 1 match against every other team in the group making it 5 group games and top four teams will qualify for quarterfinals.

11 June 2021Argentina vs Chile (Group A)Buenos Aires, Argentina
12 June 2021Australia vs Uruguay (Group A)Córdoba, Argentina
12 June 2021Paraguay vs Bolivia (Group A)Mendoza, Argentina
12 June 2021Colombia vs Ecuador (Group B)Bogotá, Colombia
13 June 2021Brazil vs Venezuela (Group B)Medellín, Colombia
13 June 2021Peru vs Qatar (Group B)Cali, Colombia
15 June 2021Chile vs Bolivia (Group A)Mendoza, Argentina
15 June 2021Argentina vs Uruguay (Group A)Córdoba, Argentina
16 June 2021Paraguay vs Australia (Group A)La Plata, Argentina
16 June 2021Colombia vs Venezuela (Group B)Medellín, Colombia
17 June 2021Ecuador vs Qatar (Group B)Bogotá, Colombia
17 June 2021Brazil vs Peru (Group B)Cali, Colombia
18 June 2021Uruguay vs Chile (Group A)Mendoza, Argentina
19 June 2021Australian vs Bolivia (Group A)La Plata, Argentina
19 June 2021Argentina vs Paraguay (Group A)Buenos Aires, Argentina
20 June 2021Venezuela vs Ecuador (Group B)Bogotá, Colombia
20 June 2021Colombia vs Peru (Group B)Cali, Colombia
21 June 2021Brazil vs Qatar (Group B)Barranquilla, Colombia
22 June 2021Bolivia vs Uruguay (Group A)La Plata, Argentina
22 June 2021Argentina vs Australia (Group A)Buenos Aires, Argentina
23 June 2021Chile vs Paraguay (Group A)Santiago del Estero, Argentina
23 June 2021Ecuador vs Peru (Group B)Cali, Colombia
24 June 2021Qatar vs Venezuela (Group B)Barranquilla, Colombia
24 June 2021Brazil vs Colombia (Group B)Barranquilla, Colombia
27 June 2021Chile vs Australia (Group A)Córdoba, Argentina
27 June 2021Argentina vs Bolivia (Group A)La Plata, Argentina
27 June 2021Uruguay vs Paraguay (Group A)Santiago del Estero, Argentina
28 June 2021Colombia vs Qatar (Group B)Barranquilla, Colombia
28 June 2021Brazil vs Ecuador (Group B)Bogotá, Colombia
28 June 2021Venezuel vs Peru (Group B)Medellín, Colombia
2 July 2021QUARTERFINAL 1Córdoba, Argentina
3 July 2021QUARTERFINAL 2Buenos Aires, Argentina
4 July 2021QUARTERFINAL 3Cali, Colombia
4 July 2021QUARTERFINAL 4Barranquilla, Colombia
6 July 2021SEMIFINAL 1Buenos Aires, Argentina
7 July 2021SEMIFINAL 2Medellín, Colombia
10th July 2021THIRD PLACE PLAYOFFBogotá, Colombia
10 July 2021THE FINAL MATCHBarranquilla, Colombia

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