Copa Del Rey Prize Money | Clubs Share In Tickets Revenue | TV Pool Market | How Much Tier 1 Clubs Earn?

Copa Del Rey Money

Campeonato de España–Copa de Su Majestad el Rey, which is well known as “Copa Del Rey” a domestic cup competition between Tier 1 and tier 2 league teams. it’s began in 1903. FC Barcelona won most titles compared to other LA Liga clubs. Copa Del Rey prize money reported.

Winners Share at Copa del Rey | The prize money distribution totally different regarding to other leagues domestic cup competition. Winning team in copa del rey make maximum €500k. This purse money only paid to the winners of Copa del Rey if they have won another cup alongside it such as Spanish Super Cup or LA Liga title.

Runner-ups Share | No fixed prize money involved in the domestic cup competition of LA Liga. However a source in 2020, claimed that runner-up team received share €250k. Clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Villarreal made big money based tv market pool and rights sold for International countries.

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  • If Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid, claim the title of Copa Del Rey in 2022, the club earn prize money maximum €1.5m.
  • The clubs earn money from Copa del Rey distribute among the players first team squad or players involved matches.
  • Tickets revenue is another factor, which play key role in the prize money adjustment of the clubs for the finalist and knockout round matches.
  • 15% equal share of tickets sales revenue distributed among the two qualified teams for the finals of the copa del rey.
  • The other 60% tickets money revenue will be adjusted for the development programs.

TV Money for Clubs | All clubs don’t have that premier access to tv money. Only some clubs make money from the tv rights. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal, Atheltic Club, and Valencia top clubs in 2022. Who will earn big money from tv rights deals. Organizers never revealed the tv pool money for such domestic cup competition.

StandingsPrize MoneyTV MoneyTickets Share
Winners €500k Tier 1 Clubs ( €1m)15%
Runner-ups €250k Tier 1 Clubs ( €1m) 15%

The complete data still not revealed how much clubs earn for qualifying for the round 1 and round 2. It’s confirmed that Copa Del Rey prize money involved two things (tickets revenue and tv rights purse). All detail based on the Copa del rey payouts taken from trusted sources. Our team is still looking for more accurate numbers for semi finalists, quarter finalists and knockout round teams share in prize money.

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