Coupe de France Prize Money | TV Sponsorship | Market Pool | Tickets Revenue Share for the Clubs In the Final (Revealed)

Coupe De France Prize Money

The 105th season of Coupe de France announced it’s began in the month of June 2021 and finals played in May 2022. The cup competition is organized by the French Football Federation, and open to all clubs of France football league and as well as the other overseas territories (Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Réunion, Saint Martin, and Saint Pierre and Miquelon). Coupe De France prize money 2022 reported.

StagesPrize Money (Guaranteed)Purses (Cumulative)
Champions€1.5 million €3 million
Runner-ups€950,500 €1.55 million
Semi Finalist€280,000 €675,000
Quarter Finalist€135,000 €400,000
Knockout Round€70,000 €280,000
Round of 16€50,000 €175,000
Round of 32€30,000 €150,000
8th Round Qualifiers€15,000N/A
7th Round Qualifiers€7,500 N/A

How Much French Clubs Earn for Winning Coupe de France?


The guaranteed purse for winning Coupe de France is confirmed, according to reports, €1.5m is confirmed payout for the club who hold the title during the year, but based on clubs preference and tv rights market pool money the prize money increased maximum to (€3 million). If PSG manage to win the France League cup this season, they club will not only earn guaranteed purse €1.5m but also extra cumulative money upto (€1.2m – €1.5m).

7th & 8th Round Qualifiers Purses?

Lyon Players SALARIES

Each club will generate the money of (€7,5k) in the 7th round qualifiers and 8th round qualifiers clubs will earn (€15k). There will be no cumulative purse changes for the 8th and 7th round clubs prize share.

TV Money & Sponsorship Payouts Adjustments |

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How clubs will earn €3 million in 2021-22, one of the basic reason is the sponsorship payouts and tv market pool money adjusted for the clubs. Ligue 1 clubs earns most money if the reached semi’s, quarter finals and finals.

How Much Tickets Revenue Share For Finalists?

StandingsTickets Share

No official details yet out how much more tickets revenue share increased for the two clubs who reached the final of Coupe de France but it’s confirmed that 12% each adjusted for the two clubs, while other 76% adjusted for development programs.

Currently no changes yet made to current Coupe De France prize money for 2022 or 2023. But if there will be more money for the clubs adjusted details provided here later.

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