Cristiano Ronaldo Two & Half Years Contract Deal with Al-Nassr Until 2025 Worth of £450m (Including Bonuses)

Cristiano Ronaldo Contract Al-Nassr

During the world cup 2022, session there are rumors Cristiano Ronaldo joining the Saudi Arabia league but details not confirmed. However just before the new year began, Cristiano Ronaldo deal with Saudi Arabia league club (Al Nassar) confirmed for two years which will end in 2025. Cristiano Ronaldo contract deal with Al Nassar revealed.

YearsBase SalaryWeekly WageBonusesClub
2023-24£174m £3.65m£15mAl-Nassr
2025 (half year)(extension)Al-Nassr
Total Contract Worth£450m Including bonuses
How Much Cristiano Ronaldo Earn Per Year at Al-Nassr?

Nodoubt this contract with Al-Nassr once again turn Cristiano Ronaldo richest footballer in the world. After leaving Manchester United on mutual agreement he signed with Saudi football club and hopeful to get some more records to his name. One record he already made after signing richest football contract in year 2023 worth of £450m.

  • Ronaldo whenever signed with clubs have clause inclduing bonus payment for scoring goals, involved in match win, scoring hattrick
How Much Cristiano Ronaldo Earn Per Week after Leaving Man Utd?

The pay-terms change for the Portuguese winger forward, he signed two years deal according to which each week he will earn £3.65m if the reported figures for his salary are true. Currently many media outlets reported different figures some claimed £100m a year, some claimed £75m a year.

More details regarding to Cristiano Ronaldo contract deal, salary and bonus term with Al-Nassr updated once he arrived in Saudi Arabia for the opening match.