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UEFA Europa Conference League 2022 Prize Money | Market Pool Money €23.5m | Champions Will Earn Maximum Share €11.6m Including Bonuses, Ticket Revenue & Base Fees

Conference League Prize Money

UEFA Champions League and Europa League two major competition for which clubs try to finish in top 6 position on the league table. Recently, Union of European Football Associations announced a new league where eligible European football clubs can take part. Europa Conference League prize money 2021-22 season reported.

StandingsPrize MoneySeason
Champion€5 million2021-22
Runner-up€3 million 2021-22
Semi Finalist€2 million 2021-22
Quarter Finalist€1 million 2021-22
Round of 16€600,000 2021-22
Knockout round play-offs€300,000 2021-22
1st Place Group€650,000 2021-22
2nd Place Group€325,000 2021-22
Match Win Bonus€500,000 2021-22
Match Drawn Bonus€166,000 2021-22
Qualified for Group Stages€2.94 million 2021-22
Play-off round elimination€750,000 2021-22
Third Qualification€550,000 2021-22
Second Qualification€350,000 2021-22
First Qualification€150,000 2021-22
Not Qualified Group Stage€260,000 2021-22

The teams who could not qualified for the group stage will make €260,000 extra bonus. Teams stands 1st in their group will earn €650k, the 2nd place team in the group receive share €325k.

Europa Conference League

UEFA Europa Conference League

Edition : 1st
Organizers : UEFA
Season : 2021-22
Total Prize Money : €45 million
TV Market Pool : €23.5 million
Champions Share : €5 million
Runner-ups Share : €3 million

TV Market Pool Distribution :- The reported data for the market pool and tv money which is further distributed among the UECL league teams announced. There is fixed pool money domestic cup winners, if they qualify will receive 30% to 100% share from it. But if they do not qualify, the market pool distributed equally among all the participating clubs from the relevant leagues. It’s confirmed that €11.75 million domestic cup winners if they qualify for group stages and €11.75 million teams who participated.

StandingsTV Pool Share | Percentage of Share
Final€470,500 (4%)
Semi Finalist€940,000 (8%)
Quarter Finalist€1.53 million (13%)
Round of 16€2.36 million (20%)
Knockout Round Playoff’s€1.76 million (15%)
Group Stage€4.70 million (40%)
Overall TV Pool Adjusted €11.75 million

How much money Europa Conference League Winners 2021-22 Make?

ClubImpact of Extra Bonus
1st Place In Group€650,000
Win All Group Matches€500,000 (per match win) | €166,000 (for draw)
Base Fees€2.94 million

If the team in Europa Conference league reached the final undefeated will make €3 million guaranteed from the group stage, they will receive extra purse of €650,000 for 1st place in group, the base fees €2.95 million already awarded to them, if manage to win the title will earn winners share of €5 million. Than a winning team overall make €11.6 million guaranteed.

How Much Losing Finalist Earn in Conference League?

  • Guaranteed Share (€3 million)
  • Per Match Win in Group (€500,000)
  • Per Match Drawn in Group (€166,000)
  • Base Fees (€2.94 million)
  • Tickets Revenue Share (25%)

It’s confirmed that €3 million adjusted for the runner-ups, but the club earn more including base fees, tickets revenue share, win and draw bonus. An estimated prize money share for Runner-ups upto (€8 million) that include the tickets revenue share.

How Much TV Market Pool Money & Clubs Share In It?

TV market pool money which divided among the champions league and europa league teams not introduced yet no details reported about that. In case if big clubs can not qualify for the champions league or europa league but get access to the conference league, in future UEFA may introduce the tv pool money shares for the clubs for international tv rights.

How much Tickets Share Revenue For the Finalist?

ClubsTickets Share
Runner-ups 25%

Another factor that plays key role in the winners share and runner-ups share in prize money tickets share. The two teams who reached the final will make extra money from 50% tickets revenue sales. The other 50% will go to the organizers of the event and sports development program where the final will be held in 2021-22.

More details related to the Europa Conference League prize money for 2022 season updated once the finalist team confirmed. Each clubs share with the prize money and bonus provided here later.

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