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English FA confirm there won’t be any increase in FA Cup 2022 Prize Money Fund for atleast next 2 years. Here is the entire breakdown of 2022 Prize Money Fund.

English FA has confirmed that FA Cup prize money fund will be reduced from 2021-22 season after pandemic caused financial havoc. The prize money fund for FA Cup was reduced back to 2017-18 season levels last season where winners will pocket £1.8 million while the runners-up will get £900,000. English FA has confirmed that prize money breakdown will stay the same for 2021/22 season as well.

English FA has reduced the prize money fund for FA Cup 2020-21 season where winners will pocket £1.8 million (half of what was paid to 2020 winners).

FA Cup 2021-22 Prize Money Fund (Confirmed)

The prize money fund was almost halved for 2020-21 season compared to 2019/20 season where Arsenal (winners) pocketed £3.6 million and Chelsea (runners-up) got £1.8 million in performance related payments. Due to covid-19 pandemic English FA had to reduce the FA Cup payouts for at least one season where winners pocketed just £1.8 million.

However English FA announced that prize money fund for 2021/22 season will stay the same this year as well which comes as a surprise because football has returned back to its usual capacity. Below is the entire breakdown of 2022 FA Cup prize money.

Below is the round by round breakdown of FA Cup prize money fund and what other ways club earn money playing in the FA Cup.

1st Preliminary Round (winners)£1,125174
1st Preliminary Round (Losers)£375174
2nd Preliminary Round (winners)£1,444 155
2nd Preliminary Round (Losers)£481155
1st Qualifying Round (Winners)£2,250121
1st Qualifying Round (Losers)£750 121
2nd Qualifying Round (Winners)£3,37582
2nd Qualifying Round (Losers)£1,12582
3rd Qualifying Round (Winners)£5,62541
3rd Qualifying Round (Losers)£1,875 41
4th Qualifying Round (Winners)£9,37532
4th Qualifying Round (Losers)£3,125 32
FA Cup – Round 1 (Winners)£22,62940
FA Cup – Round 2£34,00020
FA Cup – Round 3£82,00032
FA Cup – Round 4£90,00016
FA Cup – Round 5£180,0008
Semifinals (Winners)£900,0002
Semifinals (Losers)£450,0002

FA Cup TV Fees Breakdown:

Apart from the normal performance related payments to clubs from Prize money fund, club also receive fixed payment every time their match is on TV. Its called facility fee and awarded to both teams of a match being broadcasted live in the UK.

FA Cup Round 1£67,500
FA Cup Round 2£72,000
FA Cup Round 3£144,000
FA Cup Round 4£144,000
FA Cup Round 5£247,500
FA Cup Round 6£247,500

How is FA Cup gate money split ?

In the FA Cup for every game, home and away sides share the gate receipts money regardless where the match is taking place. 45% each for both sides and 10% goes to English FA for organization purposes. That is the reason, lower league teams are hoping to draw one of the big boys from Premier League.

Cambridge United took United to a replay at Old Trafford back in 2017 and they shared the gate receipt which came in at around £1.2 million for Cambridge which was more than twice their yearly revenue. However in 2020-21 there won’t be any gate receipts as matches are being played behind closed doors.

So how much is FA Cup Worth ?

For the big premier league sides, FA Cup is not worth much financially but it comes with prestige and honor of winning major domestic title. However lower league sides can benefit heavily from a good run in FA Cup specially if they draw one of the big teams from Premier League.

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