FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Prize Money

FIFA Arab Cup Prize Money

FIFA Arab Cup 2021 official dates confirmed, the 10th edition will began from 30th November and final played on 18th December. Qatar will host the event this year with strict covid-19 restrictions. The prize money details revealed, according to news sources $25 million distributed among the teams and winners of the competition. Six venues and four cities choose where the matches played, FIFA Arab Cup 2021 prize money reported.

StandingsPrize MoneyNumber of Teams
Champions$5.75 million1 (included qualification bonus)
Runner-ups$3.75 million1 (included qualification bonus)
Third Place$2.75 million1 (included qualification bonus)
Participation Fees$750,00016 (each team)
Total Prize Money$25 million

The last event held in year 2012, the 10th edition of Arab Cup take place after 9 years and 5 more teams included to competition. Each team participate or qualified for the competition received their share of $750,000. The winning team of FIFA Arab Cup 2021 get share $5 million from the total adjusted fund. Runner-ups in the Arab Cup 2021, receive share of $3 million guaranteed, including participation fees, runner-ups leave Qatar with ($3.75 million). Third place team, receive their share of $2 million. If any changes made to FIFA Arab Cup 2021 prize money before 30 November details updated here later.

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