FIFA Club World Cup 2021 Prize Money (Announced)

17th Edition of FIFA Club World Cup will take place on Doha, Qatar this February 2021 under the banner of FIFA. Champion clubs of continental confederations. This tournament has become yearly fixture in FIFA calendar and has been very successful financially for both the host nation and FIFA. The prize money fund for the tournament has been on the rise every year in last 1 decade and this year a $40 million will be distributed among 6 participating clubs.

We breakdown how the money will be distributed according to how team finish in the tournament.

FIFA Club World Cup 2021 Prize Money Breakdown:

UEFA Champions League 2020 winners (Bayern Munich) and Copa Libertadores 2019 champions (Palmires) will enter the competition at semifinal stage. However there is participating fee ($2 million) for each of the club playing in this year’s FIFA Club world cup. Teams qualifying for 2nd round, will get additional $1 million each. Qualifying for semifinals will added another $1.5 million to team’s purse.

Runners-up will get pocket $5 million while the winning team will pocket another $6 million on top of what they earned in earlier stages.

Participating Fee$2 million each for 6 participating teams
Second round payments$1.5 million each for 4 qualifying teams
Semifinal payments$2 million each for 4 teams qualified for semifinals
Runners-up$5 million
Winners$6 Million
TV Money bonus$5 million divided between teams representing UEFA & Conmebol
Potential earningsWinning team can take home as much as $10 million

FIFA Club World Cup 2021 Teams & Format: 7 clubs which won their continental trophies like UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores, CONCACAF Champions League, Asian Champions League, African Champions League and team nominated by OFC plus hosts participate in the tournament. Event was suppose to take place on November 2020 just like every year but due to pandemic it was postponed till February 2021. Team nominated by OFC was Auckland City who withdrew which means we will have 6 teams competing in this year’s FIFA Club World Cup.

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  1. Hello I had a question really. The first was how much do each team that participates in the Concacaf Champions League get and of course if they move on to each round and win how much they can make. My other question was how much money would one need to buy a soccer team in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, and/or Honduras. I know it will depend on how successful the teams currently are as well as the amount of money they already bring in. I say let’s see how much the least successful team will be that are currently in the first division.

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