Football Players Share from FIFA World Cup Prize Money | Argentina Each Player Get $538k from 30% Purse Share ($14.25m)

Players Earn World Cup Prize

The FIFA World Cup 2022, ends in Qatar on 18th December. One of the most watch finals of all time worldwide on live channels. Argentina crowed champions of the world in 2022 after defeating France on penalties. The final is worth of $72 million where a winning team receive share $45m and runner-up team earn upto $32m. But how much football players earnings from world cup prize money?

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How Much Prize Money Share Awarded to Argentina Players?

As per sources the winning team of the tournament will share 30% of their prize money with players according to which Argentina 26 players squad pool money is $14.25m. Which means each player in the squad will earn guaranteed $538k.

How Much Runner-up Team players France Earn in World Cup 2022?

The is a moment in the match when it looks like France will take game away from the Argentina but extra time goal scored Messi changed everything, however Mbappe penalty help his side to stay in the game. But it’s not enough to win the trophy this year two back to back miss in the penalty shootout cost them world cup. However since France ended as runner-ups there 26 men pool prize share reported $10.2m. As per reported data 30% will go to the players which means each player receive share of $385k from the final match.

The final is worth of $72.5 million, while the whole world cup prize money reported $440m including clubs share. More details regarding FIFA World Cup 2022 revenue, cost and hosting cost updated here later. 30% football players earn from world cup prize money.