Highest Prize Money in Domestic Cup Competitions across Europe’s top 5 leagues (revealed)

Almost all European top leagues have Domestic competitions which include lower divisions teams. The prize money for these cups is based on the TV revenue and tickets sales. Based on the data, Have a look at the Highest Prize Money Domestic Cups:

CompetitionsWinners ShareRunner up Share
FA Cup£1,800,000£900,000
Copa Del Ray£1,800,000£900,000
Spanish Cup £2.8 million £1.8 million
Coppa Italia£1.3 million£400,000
Carabao Cup£100,000 £60,000
DFB- Pokal £2.57 million £1.57 million

Other than the leagues and European competitions, Domestic Cups hold a significant value in fans’ eyes.

These cups competitions usually promote lower division teams to perform well and their Players can groom their skills.

However, The winning prize money is not that match as compared with other competitions, but still, it holds sufficient value.

These competitions promote lower divisions teams to perform well against division one teams.

Copa Del Ray:

It is the second biggest competition in Spanish La Liga. Teams like Barca and Real Madrid dominate this cup.

However, a Total of 126 teams get qualified for each season. Barcelona win the cup 31 times, the most successful team in cup history.

The winner gets £1,800,000 in shares and the runner-up takes £900,000 to home.

FA Cup:

Fa Cup is an annual KO (Knock out) domestic competition in the British league. It is the old cup-based competition in English Football. It is among the Highest Prize Money Domestic Cups competition

The competition is based on 12 rounds, a semi-final, and then a Final. Teams from eight divisions can participate in the tournament. 2021-2022 will be the cup 141st edition.

The usual prize money awarded to the winners for each round will be split 75%/25% with the losers.

The winner share is £1,800,000 and the Runner-up share is £900,000.


German cup based on a qualification system. Total 64 teams participate in the tournament. Teams who made it into the round of 32 get €268,000.

Bayern Munich dominated DFB-POKAL with 20 titles. The winner share is £2.57 million and Runner-up takes £1.57 million.

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