How Many Games In A Serie A Season?

Games In Serie A

This article will discuss how many games in Serie A are played yearly!

In Italy’s Serie A…

There are usually around thirty games played each season, making for about three hundred matches in the entire league. 

That’s a lot of soccer! So how do teams play so many games in such a short period? 

Here’s a look at the schedule and some factors that come into play when deciding how many games each team will play in a given season.

The Season: Its History

Serie A Fixtures

The season has been around since 1949, though it did not become a permanent fixture until the following year with the formation of the first league. 

Until then, leagues had been organized so that their duration was decided individually. 

The season consists of a group of matches, or a group of stages, which will occur in one calendar year. There are three stages in a single year, so a single season has 13 matches.

In this manner, the number of games a season can contain differs each year. 

Ordinarily, no upper or lower limits are placed on season duration since an expansion from 14 to 20 matches would require a restructuring of leagues. 

Therefore, the only stipulation is that the total number of selected games must equal the number of teams participating in the previous season.

When does Serie A Start?

Serie A starts with the first weekend of September and ends with the last weekend of May. From October 1 to May 31, there were 290 total games in a season. 

There are always 63 games in the first half of the season and 66 games in the second half.

Meaning of A Series :

A Serie A season, also called Serie A TIM, is the highest football division in Italy and the world’s second-most participated after the English Premier League. 

The highest-ranked professional football league in Europe has been the top tier of international association football since the early 1970s after being the top division of Italian football in the 1925-1926 season. 

The 2015-2016 season saw 22 teams play 38 matches, each with a total of 1852 goals scored.

This represents an average of 2.1 goals per game. Team with the greatest number of victories in the league. 5 – Juventus 1999, 2000,

Series Versus League

Serie A is a professional association football (soccer) league in Italy, sponsored by Italian automaker Fiat. 

It is considered the first division of Italian football and comparable to the English Premier League, Italy’s most important football league. 

The Italian Football Federation, also known as FIGC, has leased the right to manage Serie A to Lega Calcio until the end of the 2026-2027 season.

The Serie A, also known as the Italian football league, is one of the top football leagues in the world, featuring clubs like AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus. 

And now that it is the 21st Century, it is organized differently for its 64 matches per season. 

The Serie A organized into three phases; the playoffs, the regular season, and the final.


In football, Serie A has the highest number of games in a season, with some leagues seeing up to 34 games in a single season. 

However, Serie A endures a break during the winter months as well as a season in the summer months. 

With such many games, it is important to know how many teams comprise Serie A. Serie A contains 20.