How to watch Serie A live stream in UK?

With the Serie A 2023/24 season right around the corner, fans are scampering to find the best streaming platforms that will allow them to witness the glorious matches. When searching for streaming options, you will end up with two choices, paid streaming, and free streaming. Now it’s up to you to decide which one suits your needs best. However, in our opinion, it’s better to opt for a free streaming platform. Why waste money?

In this article, we will walk you through our top picks of paid and free streaming platforms where you will be able to watch Serie A live without a hassle. 

Serie A Schedule

Lega Serie A recently announced that the 2023’24 season for Serie A will commence on the weekend of August 19-20. Serie A is widely regarded as a top-notch, immensely tactical, and defensively sound competition, featuring some of the most adrenaline-pumping, and heart-thumping matches the world has ever seen. The tournament is set to conclude on the 26th of May 2024.

Schedule Breakdown

1st Match Week20th August 2023
2nd Match Week27th August 2023
3rd Match Week3rd September 2023
4th Match Week17th September 2023
5th Match Week24th September 2023
6th Match Week27th September 2023
7th Match Week1st October 2023
8th Match Week8th   October 2023
9th Match Week22nd October 2023
10th Match Week29th October 2023
11th Match Week5th November 2023
12th Match Week12th November 2023
13th Match Week26th November 2023
14th Match Week3rd December 2023
15th Match Week10th December 2023
16th Match Week17th December 2023
17th Match Week23rd December 2023
18th Match Week30th December 2023
19th Match Week7th January 2024
20th Match Week14th January 2024
21st Match Week21st January 2024
22nd Match Week28th January 2024
23rd Match Week4th February 2024
24th Match Week11th February 2024
25th Match Week18th February 2024
26th Match Week25th February 2024
27th Match Week3rd March 2024
28th Match Week10th March 2024
29th Match Week17th March 2024
30th Match Week30th March 2024
31st Match Week7th April 2024
32nd Match Week14th April 2024
33rd Match Week21st April 2024
34th Match Week28th April 2024
35th Match Week5th May 2024
36th Match Week12th May 2024
37th Match Week19th May 2024
38th Match Week26th May 2024

Serie A Streaming Platforms

1.     TNT Sports

TNT Spots

Cost: From £18

TNT Sports previously known as BT Sport is among the most popular streaming platforms in the UK and holds official streaming rights for Serie A soccer streams. The streaming platform offers a complete sports TV package that caters to the every need of sports enthusiasts. Football fans will be able to livestream all the Serie A matches in high video quality. The streaming platform offers three subscription packages namely Sport, Big Sport, and VIP with prices ranging from £18 to £76. 

2.     YouTube TV

Cost: from £56.36

YouTube TV is a top-notch streaming platform that has managed to garner immense fame in a span of 5 years. The streaming platform is known for housing 100 plus cutting-edge channels and a vast library of top-tier content. Fans of Serie A will rejoice to know that the streaming platform will air live 2023/24 Serie A soccer streams, that too in HD. YouTube TV offers three subscription packages, with prices starting from £56.36.

3.     Footybite


Cost: Free

Footybite is a renowned sports streaming site that is adored by millions of sports enthusiasts all around the world. This streaming platform was developed to honor football fans and caters to their sports needs. Footybite is a free streaming site that harbors links to various football tournaments including Serie A. That’s right, users of Footybite will be able to witness the mind-blowing Serie A soccer streams for free starting from 20th August 2023. Despite being a free platform, the site gives off a premium feel, adorned with a clean and organized interface.