Introduction Of White Card In Football | What it Represent in the match?

White Card In Football

Fans used to see Red and Yellow card in the football matches which dated back to FIFA World Cup 1970. But there was something interesting happened in a football match in Portugal as referee showed white card. This was the first time when the world see white card presentation in the all times history of this sport. We have compiled the whole data regarding the introduction of white card in football.

Introduction Of White Card In Football

During a match between the women’s cup teams Sporting Lisbon and Benfica in Lisbon on 21st January 2023, a man in the dugout fell unwell during the first half. Medical panel of the both teams went for rescuing the ill person and gave him the first aid. When the medical assistants were moving to their respective benches, the referee Catarina Campos showed the white card to them which is very rare incident in football history as world witnessed another color beyond red and yellow.

What Will Be Represented By White Card?

Former UEFA president Michel Platini has given some indications regarding the white card. At that time, it was thought that white card will be given to the players who go for debate with the referees for no reason. However, the card shown in the match on January 21 has totally opposite meanings.

It is quite obvious that white card in football will represent positive attitude and initiatives, taken by players and staff. Thus, it will be a good reward for the footballers who shows true sportsmanship on the ground. While the red and yellow cards will be still in use to penalize the false actions.

The use of white card is currently restrained to Portugal only. However, it may seems that the whole world will soon understand its importance and it will be recognized worldwide. All these are the details about the introduction of white card in football. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!