Manchester City Kit Deal With Puma Until 2030 | Contract Worth Of £650m For 10 Years

Back in 2019, Manchester City ended its six years contract of kit deal with Nike. Then, Manchester City signed a new kit deal with Germany’s top sports manufacturer company, Puma. Manchester City Kit Contract Deal with puma is worth £650m over ten years.

However, the deals cover Man City’s sister clubs in Spain (Girona FC), China (Sichuan Jiuniu FC), Australia (Melbourne City FC), and Uruguay (Montevideo City Torque).

Let’s take a view over Manchester City Kit Contract Deal with Puma

Kit SupplierPuma
DURATION10 years (2020-2030)
Yearly payments£65 million
Total payment over 10 years£650 million
Any performance-related clauses?£7 million a year will be added to the yearly deal if City wins the Premier League.

Manchester City signed the deal in 2019 and the deal will be effective from 2020-2030. City-Puma deal is the biggest sponsorship deal in brand history. Manchester City will earn £65 million per year from the deal.

However, The contract covers City’s sister operations in Australia, Spain, Uruguay, and China, but the Premier League champions will receive the bulk of the money in what is thought to be the second most lucrative equipment package in English football after the Manchester United-Adidas deal.

The deal will end after the 2029-20230 season if no extension is signed.

Manchester City Shirt sponsor Contract Deal

In 2011, Manchester City signed a Shirt sponsorship deal with an Arab Airlines company, Emirates. The deal back then was worth £420 million over the next ten years course.

The deal is now on the verge of an end. Through this deal, Manchester City earned £42 million per year in shirt sponsorship.

Let’s take a look at the Manchester city shirt sponsorship contract details:

DURATION10 years (2011-12 season to 2021-22)
Yearly payments£42 million a year
Total payment over 10 years£420 million
Any performance-related clauses?£7 million a year will be wiped off the yearly deal if City fails to qualify for Champions League.

The Manchester City-Etihad Airways main shirt sponsor deal will expire after the end of the 2021-2022 season. The current Manchester City-Etihad Airways deal was bundled with the stadium naming rights and other City assets.

The deal is close to an end. However, both Club & Sponsor are looking forward to extending their deal for further next 5 years.

Manchester City Sleeve Contract Deal

Manchester City signed a sleeve contract deal with Nexen Tier worth £5m a year. Nexen Tire and Manchester City made history in March 2017 when the Yangsan-based Korean tire manufacturer became the first-ever sleeve sponsor of a Premier League club.

The deal was renewed ahead of the start of the 2020-21 season to include the club’s women’s and esports teams as well.

The last renewal between the club and Nexen was announced in August 2021, covering the 2021-22 season.


The Etihad deal was the pillar that paved the track for Manchester city’s success. The deal played a big helping hand in the turn of fortunes City has had over the last decade.

When the deal was signed, Manchester City was just a mediocre club. Ten years later, they have five Premier League titles, six League Cups, and two FA Cups, looking forever upwards. 

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