Lionel Messi’s record against Top 6 Premier League Teams

Lionel Messi is widely tipped to join Manchester City before the 2020-21 Premier League season begins and if that happens the long stading debate “whether Messi can do it on rainy night at Stoke” might well be answered. However looking past the meme of Messi and can he do it agains Stoke its pretty obvious that he will be able to lit up the Premier league no doubt.

Lionel Messi have scored 24 goals against Top 6 English sides in 32 Champions League matches.

In his career, Messi has faced English sides in the Champions League 32 times and those happen to be so called top 6 sides. In 32 Appearances against English sides Messi have scored 26 goals so far.

Messi’s Record vs Top 6 Premier League Sides: Thats 26 goals in 32 matches in Champions League because Messi don’t do Europa. Arsenal have been on the end of Messi maulings more than one occasion. Messi have scored 9 goals against Arsenal in just 6 games. City also conceded 6 goals to Messi in 6 games. Manchester United have conceded only twice against Messi but those two goals came in 2009 and 2011 Champions League finals.

Below is the table showing how Messi have fared against top english sides in Europe’s premier competition.

Manchester City665402
Manchester United423320