Major League Soccer Prize Money | How Much Winning & Runner-up Team Players Earn | Tickets Share Revenue For the Finalists

Recently Major Soccer League is getting popular in Asia and Europe. Famous Players signed by clubs really capitalize on the Asian and European markets. However, Major league soccer is still behind European Football in terms of Matches and Prize money. MLS prize money is relatively less as compared to another football league. However, it is growing with each passing day.

MLS Prize Money

The Major League Soccer 2022 prize money pool could increase depending on the situation. Massive hike in the tickets sales generated compared to last five years.

Fixed money for the MLS team paid on a basis of their standings in the league. The official MLS prize money is:

StagePrize Money
Round of 16$20,000
Group stage$14,000

Winner | MLS tournament total prize money is around $1.1 million. The tournament winner earns $300,000 and a confirmed place in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Runner-ups & Semi Finalists | The runner-up gets $150,000 while the two semifinal collect $100,000 each.

Quarter-Finalists | The quarterfinalist teams will receive $47,500 each.

RO16 & Group Stage | For making the Round of 16, eight different teams earned $20,000 and each group-stage win resulted in $14,000.

MLS Cup Winners | Major League Soccer cup winners received $275,000 as winning share which is later distributed among the players.

Supporters Shield Winners | Winning team of Supporters Shield earns $100,000. The winning share is later distributed among the players

The prize money structure is similar to that of the league’s regular-season and playoff bonuses under the collective bargaining agreement.

MLS Prize Money for Players

New York City FC wins MLS Cup after defeating Portland

Players earn a Fixed amount of earnings after winning. The amount is based on the club’s standings. Players potentially earn:

Regular Season Conference Champion$35,000
Playoff’s Qualifiers (Losing teams)$20,000
Regular Season Match Winning Bonus$7,500
Supporters’ Shield winner (Bonus)$135,000

The prize money is mostly awarded to the club players for winning the league or MLS Cup.

The actual tournament prize money is yet to be revealed, but there are favorable signs it would increase. The MLS is expected to increase in terms of television rights. The league is expected to expand to other major markets like Europe and South America.

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