Recopa Sudamericana Prize Money | How Much Winners & Runner-ups Earn | Since CONMEBOL Increase Fund 10% More In the Upcoming Competition

Recopa Sudamericana Prize Money

The upcoming CONMEBOL Recopa Sudamericana dates announced for the match. It’s the 31st edition that will take place in year 2023. Athletico Paranaense will play match against Palmeiras. Event each year take place between the South American club competition winner (Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana). Recopa Sudamericana prize money reported.

Winners Share | Recently, CONMEBOL announced prize money for the Recopa Sudamericana. A source reported that, If a team in year 2021 received $1.4m this year winning team will take $2m. The clubs generate more revenue which include tickets share money a fixed percentage for two finalists.

Runner-ups Share | In 2021, when the team ended up as runner-ups in the competition they received purse of $750k. However since the new details were out it’s confirmed, runner-ups leaves the arena on 23rd February with purse share of $1m.

Ticket Share Revenue | Mostly in the domestic cup, the two finalist get some share from the gateway income. So far it’s not reported how much Recopa Sudamericana finalist get paid, but a source claimed that in South American football clubs competition (24%) equally divided among the two finalist.

How Much Recopa Sudamericana 2023 Prize Money Increased?

Winners$2m (ticket revenue share not included)
Runner-ups$1m (ticket revenue share not included)

Since, the Recopa Sudamericana prize money is released, details provided above, which means, in the upcoming competition total $2.4m paid to the both clubs Athletico Paranaense and Palmeiras.

When was the first the edition of Recopa Sudamericana?


How Many teams in CONMEBOL Recopa Sudamericana?

2 Teams

How teams Qualified for CONMEBOL Recopa Sudamericana?

After winning Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana

Who Won Most titles of Recopa Sudamericana?

Boca Juniors 4 titles

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