Italian Serie A Season 2022/23 Fixtures – Release Date (Revealed)

Serie A Fixtures for season 2022-23 have been confirmed. The new season will be adjusted in order to adjust for the upcoming FIFA world cup in November. World Cup will be played for one month, hence Serie A has to shuffle its match scheduled. However, the ongoing season is yet to conclude but as we near the end of the current campaign, thoughts, and preparations are already turning ahead to the next one, including fixture release day.

Key takeaways:

  • Upcoming season dates
  • Serie A fixtures released date
  • Serie A league previous season short summary
  • Relegated teams
  • Final fixtures in 2023

Here is all you need to know about Serie A Fixtures for the 2022/23 season that will be released, as well as other key dates for your diary for next year.

Starting DateLast WeekRelease DateEach Team FixtureTotal Fixtures
 August 13-14 2022May 2023July 202238 Matches380 Matchs

The 2022-23 season begins to take shape. The First and Second Division clubs have approved the calendar for next season. The 2022-23 Serie A campaign will see a change during the season. 

1). Upcoming Serie A season date

The 2022-23 Serie A campaign will reportedly begin on August 13-14 with a break from November 13 until the beginning of January to accommodate the 2022 World Cup.

The end of the 2022-23 League campaign will be at the end of May 2023. The reason is due to the 2022 Qatar World Cup that is taking place in November and December. Due to the FIFA world cup, the Serie A will be postponed for a month later than usual because in November and December the competition will stop for the World Cup in Qatar.

However, it is not the official calendar yet, Lega Serie A will officially confirm the dates for the upcoming campaign. It’s at least one week before the usual start of the season, a decision that had to be taken to accommodate the Qatar World Cup from November 21 until December 18.

2). Serie A fixtures released date

Liga Serie A intends to start the next campaign on the weekend of August 12, a week later than the Premier League on August 6, and the same day as La Liga. Serie A has confirmed the fixture release day for the 2022-23 season The Serie A calendar will be confirmed by July 2022. On this day, all 20 league clubs for next season will find out their provisional schedules ahead of the upcoming campaign.

It will be a difficult season. In addition to the existence of team breaks, the competition must also be stopped for a month due to the World Cup in Qatar, which will be from November 21 to December 18. 

3). Serie A league previous season short summary

The current season of Serie A has entered into thriller mode. AC Milan and Inter Milan are currently sitting at 1 and 2 spots. AC Milan picked 80 points (their most in the last decade) in 36 matches. Meanwhile, the defending champions Inter Milan collected 78 points in the same number of matches.

If AC Milan wins their last two remaining fixtures, the Red Milan group will lift their first Serie A title since 2011-2012. Inter Milan beat Juventus by 4-2 in the super Copa Italia final and won the trophy. They are 2 behind the league topper in Serie A

On the other hand, Juventus after more than a decade is remain trophyless. They were knocked out of the champions league knockout stages and lost the Cup finals. It will be 2 years since Juventus last won the league.

AS Roma led by Mourinho will play in the first-ever Conference League Final.

Relegated teams

Currently, the season has not been completed, and still 5 match rounds to go. But on the basis of current league positions, the three possible related teams are:

  1. Venezia – 25 points
  2. Genoa – 28 points
  3. Cagliari – 29 points

2022-23 Serie A season dates

  • Fixture release day: July 2022
  • Opening fixtures: 12-13 August 2022
  • The final round of fixtures ahead of the 2022 World Cup: Weekend of November 12-13, 2022
  • 2022 FIFA World Cup: November 21 – December 18, 2022
  • The first round of fixtures following the 2022 World Cup: The campaign would resume in early January.
  • The final round of fixtures: End of May 2023

The end of the season is set later than usual due to the need to win weeks to be able to fit in all the competitions. The last day will take place at the end of May, Two weeks before the Champions League final.