Supercopa de España Prize Money 2022 | Winners Share | Semi Finalist Bonus | additional Fund for RSFF (Announced)

Spanish Super Cup Money

The 38th edition of Spanish Super Cup released, It’s confirmed that all matches between the LA Liga teams played between 12-16 January in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. There will be 4 teams who are part of the competition, who are successful in major competition Copa del Rey, LA Liga, Europa League and Champions League. Spanish Super Cup 2022 prize money revealed.

StandingsPrize MoneyTeams
Champions€4 million (including semi final bonus)1
Runner-ups€3 million (including semi final bonus) 1
Semi Final (Winning Teams)€1 million2
Semi Final (Losing Teams)€1 million2
Total Prize Money€14 million

There will be €14 million adjusted for the competition. Supercopa de España winners will receive share of €3 million which include (€1 million) bonus club received for winning the semi finals. Runner-up will make €2 million from the competition and €1 million will be included to reach the final.

Losing semi finalist, will not go empty pockets, they will earn guaranteed prize money (€1 million) each. There is an additional prize money not explained will go to the (Royal Spanish Football Federation) for organizing the event in Saudi Arabia. As per sources, €3 million additional prize money adjusted for the upcoming event.

Teams Participating :
1) : Real Madrid

2) : FC Barcelona

3): Athletic Bilbao

4): Atletico Madrid

In the past events, the revenue generated through tv subscription, sponsorship and gateway, go straight to the (RSFF). If there are any changes made to the Spanish Super Cup prize money for 2022 details provided here later. The rise in the prize money makes it one of the expensive league cup worldwide in upcoming year.

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