Trophée des Champions Prize Money | TV Pool Money | How Much Each Team Tickets Revenue Share ?

Trophée Des Champions Money

Trophée Des Champions held each season between the winners of Ligue 1 and Coupe de France. In 1995, 27 years ago the tournament founded and still runs successfully. PSG win most Trophee Des Champions title than other team. Trophée Des Champions prize money reported.

Winners Share In Trophée Des Champions | Lille dominate the match against the team of Paris Saint-Germain. The guaranteed money for the winning club not exceed more than €500k.

Runner-ups Share In Trophee Des Champions | PSG finished runner-ups in the 2021, competition, after suffering defeating 1-0 from Lille. The club received direct payout of €250k which is lower compare to Coupe de France.

Tickets Share In the Final | Once the final date and venue for the Trophee Des Champion announced. The French Football Federation announced the share of tickets for the clubs who reached the final. The winning club earn guaranteed purse of €500k but earnings get double when received tickets revenue share.

TV Broadcasting Rights Money | Prize money hike key factors are sponsorship and tv money, mostly earnings clubs generated at Trophee Des Champions generated through broadcasting rights sale. TV money is not same for each club, if PSG, Monaco, Marseille, Lille, and Lyon reach the competition final TV money higher compare to the other clubs due to the dominance of these clubs in European competition.

StandingsPrize MoneyTickets ShareTotal Payout
Winners€500,00035% €1.5 million
Runner-ups€250,00035% €750,000

Development Program | Total distribution of ticket revenue among clubs reported 50% to 70% the other percent money goes for the development programs adjusted by (FFF) French Football Federation.

Complete details regarding Trophée Des Champions prize money based on facts and sources reported data how much money clubs In France for playing domestic cup competition. In the upcoming year there will be hike in the domestic payouts once it’s confirmed details updated here later.

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