How To Watch UEFA Euro 2020 Live Online Free ?

UEFA Euro 2020 is set to get underway from Friday, 11 June 2021 with the opening game between Italy and Turkey. Tournament will be played through 11th July 2021 and on this page you will find indepth guide on how you can watch every UEFA Euro game live via official sources.

How to Watch UEFA Euro 2020 Live Online Free ?

UEFA has ensured that majority of the European countries will have free to air coverage of UEFA Euro and luckily for football fans, in England both ITV and BBC have retained the rights for UEFA Euro which means if you are in the UK you can access every UEFA Euro game live on TV and Online via BBC and ITV coverage. This also leave the door open for people are who are not located in the UK but can buy a VPN account and switch their IP to England and watch BBC and ITV coverage just as they are in the UK.

How To Stream UEFA Euro 2020 Live Online ?

UK Coverage (Recommended):

So instead of looking at other not so convenient options we are going to save you time and recommend UK coverage of Euro 2020 which will be shared between BBC and ITV. We can also safely say that BBC and ITV coverage of all major tournaments is probably the best across any network. So how can you access live streams of all UEFA Euro games via BBC and ITV?. Well the answer is just as simple as the process involved to get it done. You just need to buy an VPN account from a reputable VPN company, download their app on the device you want to stream, select UK IP adress and visit BBC or ITV player.

BEST VPN Provider:

We have tested several VPN providers over the last few major tournaments and ExpressVPN came out triumph always. They have IP locations located in over 200 territories, they take your security seriously and use technology which is suited for online streaming. This is how you use ExpressVPN to get live action of UEFA Euro 2020.

How It Works:

  • Sign up for VPN account at (cost around $5 a month)
  • Connect to a VPN server in the UK via ExpressVPN app. It available for Mobile, PC and even consoles.
  • Once connected to UK ip address, just visit or and you have yourself UEFA Euro coverage.
  • You can also download BBC iplayer or ITV player on your mobile device, activate ExpressVPN app on mobile and select UK IP. Now you can watch BBC and ITV coverage on your mobile.

Of course there are several other countries which have free to air coverage of UEFA Euro. Like in Germany ZDF/ARD, In France TF1 but they are only showing only their respective national team games plus commentry/coverage will be in local language. So your best bet is to have BBC and ITV Coverage whether you are in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

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