UEFA Euro 2020 Official Match Ball (Uniforia)

Adidas revealed the official match ball for UEFA Euro 2020 back in November 2019. It is named as “Uniforia” and comes in main white colour with black brush stroke design at the garish upper graphic.

Adidas has released the 2020 UEFA Euro official match ball named as “Uniforia”.

UEFA Euro 2020 Official Match – Uniforia (Revealed)

The ball named as Uniforia try to capture the summer event and the euphoria surrounding the event. It comes with 100% polyester cover, Textured surface with rubber bladder.

The design is simple with brush stroke in black, neon blue, yellow and Pink colours giving it a festival feel. It is designed by Adidas but will be mass produced in Pakistan by Adidas partner production facilities.

Adidas have been official suppliers of UEFA Euro competition match balls and other match day merchandise since the inception of the tournament back in 1960. Adidas have produced some of the most iconic match balls for Euro events.

There are some of the iconic UEFA Euro match ball designs of the past. Uniforia takes the design to in more colours perfectly summing up Euro 2020 which will be played in 12 different cities across Europe.

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