UEFA Euro Trophy History & FAQs

UEFA Euro 2020 was postponed due to covid-19 pandemic but UEFA rescheduled the competition for summer 2021 and it will still be called UEFA Euro 2020 for marketing and organization purposes. 24 teams will be fighting it out for the UEFA Euro trophy also known as “Henri Delaunay Cup” which was first introduced back in 1960 with the first edition of the competition. In 2008 the trophy was updated and Spain became the first team to lift the new updated version of the trophy which is based on the original design. We take a look at history of UEFA Euro trophy and how it is made and who get to keep the trophy.

UEFA European Championship Trophy “Henri Delaunay Cup” History:

UEFA Euro is a European national team competition which was first played back in 1960 and a company called “Arthus-Bertrand” designed the first every trophy for the tournament which was named after Henri Delaunay (former French Football federation president” who produced the idea of European competition for national teams. Henri Delaunay died in 1955 and never saw his idea came to reality however his son Pierre Delaunay was given the task to design the orignal trophy which was handed out to 1960 Euro winners.

Updated Version of UEFA Euro Trophy:

In 2008 UEFA decided to update the original trophy and the task was handed to jewelry designing company “Asprey London” who produced a fresh looking trophy inspired by the original one.

Updated version of UEFA Euro trophy
UEFA felt the need to update the trophy because the original one was rather small and with UEFA Euro becoming one of the biggest football events only behind FIFA World Cup a focal point was needed to represent the growth of the competition. The updated version is 18cm taller and 2kg heavier than the original one. it made of 7.5kg of sterling silver and the names of winning teams are engraved at the back.

UEFA Euro Trophy FAQs:

Here are some of the facts regarding UEFA Euro trophy and some of the rules and regulation regarding the trophy itself.

What is the UEFA Euro Trophy called?

UEF Euro trophy is named after one of competition’s founder Henri Delaunay and also known as “Henri Delaunay Cup”

How many UEFA Euro trophies are there ?

There is only one UEFA Euro trophy available to the winner.
However since 2008 it was updated we have two models of UEFA Euro trophy. The original one was retired and sits at UEFA headquarters since 2004 edition of the tournament.

How much UEFA Euro trophy is worth ?

It made of 8kg of sterling silver priced at around $2200.
However the monetary value of winning the competition for the national team comes in prize money where around $50 million is awarded to the winner of the competition.

Do winning team get to keep the UEFA Euro trophy ?

No, winning national team get the official replica of the UEF Euro trophy and the original stays at the headquarters of UEFA.

Which country has won the UEFA Euro Trophy most number of times ?

Germany and Spain has won the competition on three different occassion making them the two most successful teams in compeition.

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