UEFA Super Cup 2022 (Everything You Need to Know)

UEFA Super Cup Coverage

The UEFA Super Cup, is yearly based event that take place between Champions league winner and Europa League winner. It’s previously known for the name “European Super Cup” but later in 1995 it’s renamed to UEFA Super Cup 2022. Recently organizers, increase the prize fund for the competition $10 million distributed among the teams. UEFA Super Cup complete details based on tickets, tv coverage, match venue and host confirmed.

How much winners of European Super Cup Earn in 2022

UEFA Super Cup Money

Last year, the event is disturbed due to covid-19 the attendance is short compare to previous this upcoming year, the UEFA Super Cup 2022 prize money increased $12 million which include tickets revenue share.

When Will be the Final Match Held in 2022 Super Cup

UEFA Super Cup Schedule

10th August is the confirmed date schedule for UEFA Super Cup 2022, the teams of champions league and europa league will play their finals in May 2022.

Free Channels to Watch Super Cup Worldwide

UEFA Super Cup Coverage

Currently no channels hold free rights for the UEFA Super Cup 2022, however BT Sports and BeIN Sports were the coverage holders for the competition

Most Successful Teams In the Competition

FC Barcelona54
AC Milan52
Real Madrid43

FC Barcelona and AC Milan are most successful teams they reached finals more than 7 times to competition.

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