Women’s Euro 2022 Prize Money

UEFA increased the Women’s Euro prize money for the 2022 tournament. In the 2017 event, The total prize money was €8m. For 2022 Women Euro, UEFA double the amount. The total Prize money will be €16m.

Total prize money will further be divided among teams, Runners-up, and Winners share. Have a look at the women’s Euro prize money distribution:

RankedTotal prize money shareNo. of Teams
Runner up€420,000 1
Group stage€600,00016
Win bonus€100,000
Draw bonus€50,000
Women Euro Prize Money distribution

For the very first time, UEFA introduced a group bonus for teams participating in the event.

All 16 teams will receive a guaranteed payment of €600,000. UEFA also includes a performance-based match bonus for teams during group matches. UEFA will award €100,000 for a win and €50,000 for a draw.

Other than total prize money, UEFA Committee approved the bill of the club benefits program. According to the bill, UEFA will give €4.5 million in reward to top European clubs who are realizing their players for UEFA women’s Euro tournament.

However, the total prize money for Women’s euro is still dwarfed in front of UEFA Men’s Euro 2020. which stands at €371 million. A huge gender pay gap in terms of salaries and match bonuses is still present but for now UEFA Double the total prize money for women’s euros.

FAQs Regarding Women Euro prize money

Q. What was the total prize money for the last women’s Euro tournament?

A. For 2017 Women’s Euro was €8 million.

Q. Who won the Women’s Euro 2017?

A. Netherland

Q. Who won the Men’s Euro 2020?

A. Italy

Q. What is the total prize money for Women Euro 2022?

A.Total prize money for women Euro 2022 is €16 million

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