FIFA World Cup 2022 Kits – Ranked From Best To Worst

FIFA World Cup 2022 will begin on 20th November 2022 and all the 32 participating national teams have their home and away kits released. Some are absolute top notch and some are downright rubbish. We rank all the 32 team kits from best to worst.

world cup 2022 kits ranked according to fan reviews

FIFA World Cup 2022 Kits Ranked From Best To Worst:

So on this page you will find all 32 team kits. So we rank kits according to points system. 5 points as the best, 0 for the worst. Since we are ranking both home and away, every team kit will get points out of 10. After putting all kits through this ranking system we have this list.

#1. Mexico

Mexico 2022 World Cup Kits

The home kit is decent to say the least however the away kit for Mexico is absolutely beautiful in every aspect. It will 100% become a classic down the road and if Mexico can register a win or two in this kit we are looking at potentially one of the greatest world cup kits every produced.

#2. Portugal

Portugal nike 2022 world cup kits

Nike has done absolute wonderful job with Portugal’s home kit. It brings out the best of Portugal colours with modern design. The away kit is not bad either.

#3. Denmark

Hummel Denmark 2022 world cup kits

Hummels have done very good job with Denmark World cup kits. Hummels is only producing Denmark kits but they are leaving a mark with these beauties. Which got even better with muted Danish national team logo in a protest for “human rights violation” in Qatar.

#4. Japan

Japan world cup kits by Adidas

Cant get any better as far as the home kit is concerned. Adidas has taken inspiration from anime to design the home kit which comes in traditional Japanese colours. The away kit however is just alright.

#5. Argentina

Argentina purple away kit is best in world cup 2022

You cant go wrong with traditional blue and white stripes for Argentina home kit. However going with Purple for away kit is risky, but it paid off if we are honest.

#6. Brazil

Brazil kits for 2022 world cup by nike

Always iconic, Brazil’s home and away kits for 2022 FIFA World Cup feature traditional colours. However Nike has not done a job this kit deserver. Specially the weird funky design on the purple away kit.

#7. France

France national team kits for 2022 world cup

Over the last few major tournaments, French kits have stood out from the rest. Nike has done it again. Both home and away kits are top notch specially the subtle designs on away kit makes it wearable even at home casually.

#8. Wales

wales kits world cup

Collar design on the away white kit is brave move by adidas but it kind of paid off. While the colours of home kit truly represent Wales or is it “Cymru” already ?

#9. Croatia

croatia nike world cup kits

Don’t know if its the colors or chequered design, Croatia world cup kits are always classic. Nike has produced another two very good looking Croatian kits.

#10. England

England retro 2022 world cup kits

The away kit is special to say the least however blue panels on the home red kit is just lazy.

#11. Germany

German adidas world cup kits

Adidas always produce iconic Die Mannschaft (Germany) kits for world cups and they don’t disappoint for 2022 Qatar world cup either. Away kit is an instant hit with the fans while home kit require getting use to with the white/black design.

#12. Poland

Poland world cup 2022 kits by nike

Another Nike produced kit, Poland world cup shirts are pretty neat. the away kit is a instant hit with Polish fans while home kit features traditional colours but with impressive details on the sleeves.

#13. Netherlands

Holland world cup kits

Holland is another team which always have nice looking kits and nike has produce another two distinctively dutch kits loved by football fans.

#14. Ghana

Ghana puma world cup kits

The home kit is just bland but the away red kit is as good as it gets. Specially the big bold pattern in the middle produced by Puma for african teams. Ghana’s away kit is what Nigeria’s home kit was in 2018 world cup.

#15. Senegal

Puma Senegal world cup kits

Puma might have produced an absolute classic in Senegal’s away kit. It comes in beautiful green colour with a big pattern in yellow in the middle which some might like or some hate. We here at TOTALSPORTAL love it.

#16. USA

USMNT world cup kits

The home kit is not so special and fans actually dont like it calling it “boring”. the away kit however is anything but boring. Modern design by Nike for USMNT away kit worked like a charm.

#17. Qatar

Qatar Nike kits

Not much is expected from the hosts as far as results are concerned but hey! they will look good in the beautiful kits produced by Nike.

#18. Ecuador

Ecuador Marathon World Cup Kits

Ecuador kits are produced by Marathon and they did amazing job specially on navy blue design away kit (are you watching Nike ?). Beautiful design which will be instant hit among soccer fans.

#19. South Korea

Nike has done wonderful job with South Korea kits. Specially the away kit which comes in beautiful pain pattern of blue/yellow/red and black colour.

#20. Saudi Arabia

Saudi arabia nike world cup kits

Home kit is nice while the away is not bad either. Not much to say here really.

#21. Uruguay

Uruguay world cup kits

Uruguay away kit is a thing of beauty with the bold pattern in the middle which we are sure fans will get use to during the world cup. The home kit is just alright representing traditional Uruguay colours.

#22. Serbia

Serbia gold design world Cup kit

The away kit comes in beautiful color scheme with golden touch around the shirt. This one is one of our favourites. The home red kit is decent as well.

#23. Switzerland

Puma went quite lazy with the home shirt in red but away kit is pretty neat. The words we will use to describe these kits will be “not so memorable” well unless team produce a few Swiss style upsets.

#24. Morocco

#25. Belgium

The home kit of Belgium is pretty bland and sleave design pattern make it look like a training kit. The away kit however is thing of beauty.

#26. Spain

Spanish world cup kits

Nah, Adidas ruined it. These kits are more like normal season kits. They dont say wear me in the biggest tournament in the world.

#27. Canada

#28. Costa Rica

Not much to say here as New Balance produced these kits without any imagination. Probably the worst kit in the whole world cup

#29. Iran

Produced by home brand called “Majid”. These kits are as generic as they can get. So not much to say here.

#30. Tunisia

#31. Cameroon

So there you have it all 32 team kits which have been officially released. Some of these kits we wont see again and some will be very popular for years to come.

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