Countries/Channels Where FIFA World Cup Coverage Is Free

FIFA World Cup starts on 20th November what will be a massive tournament even if its taking place in the middle of football season. FIFA has already sold all TV rights deals around the world. FIFA has promised extensive coverage of tournament with live coverage available in over 180 territories. As the world cup opening game get closer people are searching for ways how they can watch tournament live via official sources. We got you covered with our “How To Watch” guides.

We guide you through in what part of the world, coverage is free and where viewers have to spend money to watch world cup.

FIFA has ensured that networks who buy the world cup rights are obliged to produce live coverage both on traditional TV as well as via their online platforms as live streams. FIFA has also ensured that countries which qualified for world cup, their own matches will be atleast on free-to-air TV networks. Rest of the match can be on subscription/premium based channels.

Countries With Free FIFA World Cup Coverage:

Now we have a situation where in some countries World Cup coverage is totally free and in others viewers will have to spend money to watch matches. So we decided to list all the big networks around the world which are showing World cup for free in their own countries.

United Kingdom (BBC & ITV)

In the UK, BBC and ITV has long held the World Cup rights. Both are free-to-air channels in the UK and it wont be wrong if we say, BBC and ITV coverage of World Cups is the best in the world. Both BBC and ITV channels are available for UK residents free of cost. With internet such a big part of our lives, both BBC and ITV adaptive quite early to new technology and now have their own dedicated online streaming platforms called BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub respectively. Both channels will share the world cup coverage with 32 matches on each network.

How Does It Work:

  1. Buy an VPN account
  2. Download and install the VPN app on the device you want to watch the world cup.
  3. Connect to the UK ip address inside the app.
  4. Once connected to UK server. Just visit or ITV Hub (depending on which channel is showing the match)
  5. Create free account on BBC iplayer or ITV hub website. Verify the email used in creating account. Put any UK Post code when prompted.
  6. Now you can watch both channels absolutely free from anywhere in the world. Just make sure you are connected to the UK ip address while streaming.

Australia (SBS)

Australia’s state owned network called SBS has exclusive world cup rights for all 64 matches. SBS will produce live coverage on both their traditional TV channels as well as their award winning SBS On-Demand streaming platform which is free for all Australian residents. However, even people from outside of Australia can unlock SBS On-demand streams with the help of VPN. We take you through with our in-depth guide. Check the following link.

How To Watch: SBS On-Demand Streaming For FIFA World Cup

SBS Streaming:

  1. Connect to the Australian ip address.
  2. Visit SBS On-Demand Streaming platform
  3. Create free account at SBS website. creating account from inside or outside Australia is free. Verify email after completing registration process.
  4. Login with your new account at and click on FIFA World Cup tab in top menu. There you will see upcoming matches.
  5. Keep yourself connected to Australian IP address while using the SBS On-Demand streams. We tested the system with ExpressVPN.

Ireland (RTE Player)

World Cup Live RTE

RTE is the state owned TV network in Ireland and they have exclusive rights for all 64 matches in Ireland. they will be producing live coverage of world cup both on their traditional TV channel as well as their online platform called “RTE Player”. Its completely free for all Ireland residents. People from outside Ireland can unlock from outside Ireland with the help of VPN.

How To Watch: RTE Player World Cup Streams

RTE Player Streams:

  1. Connect to the Ireland ip address.
  2. Visit RTE Player website
  3. Create an new account at website. Anyone can create account from inside or outside Ireland.
  4. Login at with your account and click on “LIVE” tab in the menu bar.
  5. Now you have access to both RTE 1 and RTE 2 channel live streams. World Cup matches will be on these two channels.
  6. Keep yourself connected to Ireland ip address with ExpressVPN. We unlocked the RTE website from outside Ireland with the help of ExpressVPN.

Germany (ZDF & ARD)

Just like in the UK, ZDF and ARD have FIFA world cup rights but for only 48 matches. That include all German matches, 10 Knockout matches and many group matches. Both channels will show 24 games each and they have already released their TV schedule for World Cup. We have produced an in-depth guide on how you can watch ZDF and ARD German coverage from outside German.

How To Watch: ZDF & ARD FIFA World Cup Streams

Switzerland (SRG SSR)

Swiss national tv network called SRG SSR is one of the finest and most advance state owned channel in the world. They have exclusive rights for FIFA World Cup in Switzerland for both traditional TV and online streaming coverage. Their online platform called “Play Suisse” is one of the best streaming options for football fans for several reasons.

  • 1). Its free.
  • 2). three different language coverage (French, German and Italian).
  • 3) even people from outside Switzerland can access streams thanks to VPN technology.

How To Watch: Play Suisse FIFA World Cup Streams

France (TF1)

In France, State owned TV network called TF1 has FIFA World Cup rights for 28 matches. That include all France matches, Semifinals and Final. TF1 is free for all French residents and they also have very good quality streaming platform both via their official website and mobile apps.

How To Watch: TF1 FIFA World Cup Streams

Belgium (

World Cup Live RTBF

Belgium’s free to air RTBF network has rights for all 64 world cup matches. They will be producing live streams of each match throughout the tournament. Its available at their online platform called and its free for all Belgium residents. People from outside Belgium can access these streams with the help of VPN.

How To Watch: World Cup Coverage Online

Italy (Rai TV)

Italy might not be in the World Cup but Italian residents can get free world cup coverage of all 64 matches on state owned network called “Rai”. Rai live streams are also available on their online platform called “”. Users from outside Italy can also access these streams with the help of VPN.

How To Watch: World Cup Streams

There are number of other channels which will be showing some of the world cup matches for free, specially the ones of their own country. However its hard to get their coverage from outside of that country. We have listed each and every channel/network/streaming portal which has bought the rights for FIFA World Cup.

Full List: TV Channels Broadcasting FIFA World Cup