European Worldcup Playoffs format & Schedule

FIFA has announced the Worldcup Playoffs schedule for teams who failed to qualify directly. As we all know, the 23rd edition of the FIFA Worldcup will be starting next year in Qatar.

So far, 13 teams qualified for the final 32 spots including Argentina and reigning champion France. However, Big players like Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Bale, and Jurginho have failed to avail themselves a chance to directly qualify for Worldcup.

Now teams like Portugal, Poland, Italy, and Wales have to go through from Worldcup playoffs to earn the qualification.

Only three spots are remaining for the European bracket and 12 teams are competing in the race for the final qualification. Let’s have a look at the Playoffs format and schedule.

Worldcup Playoffs format

Ten group winners are directly qualified for the FIFA WorldCup in Qatar. However, Group runner-ups will face each other in order to qualify for the WorldCup.

Playoffs are starting from 24 to 29 March 2022. The ten group runners-up will be joined by the two best group winners from overall rankings that neither qualified directly for the final tournament.

These 12 teams have been drawn into three play-off paths for one-off semi-finals and a final. The winner from each path will qualify for the World Cup.

Number of teams to qualifiy

Total 3 teams out of 12 will qualify for the WorldCup. Each path contains 4 teams and out of 4, only one will earn itself a chance to play the Qatar WorldCup.

Playoffs schedule

The last two editions of European champions are drawn in the same group. Making only one team will be playing FIFA WorldCup next year.

The draw results are for Semifinal Playoffs:

In Path A: Scotland vs Ukraine, and Wales vs Austria are fixed for a two-leg semifinal.

Path B: Russia vs Poland, and Sweden vs the Czech Republic.

Path C: Italy vs North Macedonia, and Portugal vs Turkey.

FAQs Regarding FIFA Worldcup European Playoffs

Q. Is Portugal Qualified for Worldcup?

A. No. Portugal comes 2nd in their group and now has to get through the Playoffs.

Q. Who is Portugal facing in the qualifier?

A. Portugal is facing Turkey on March 24, 2022, in the European playoffs semifinal.

Q. Italy and Poland are in what group?

A. Italy in Path C where it can face Portugal/Turkey in the final and Poland in path B.

Q. Which team Italy is facing in the Playoffs?

A. Italy is facing North Macedonia.

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