Top 10 Fastest Goals In FIFA World Cup History

World Cup Fastest Goals

As the World Cup is coming near, we are all looking for our favorite players and all eyes are on legends who is going to score the first goal and how long shall we have to wait for the point. The beauty of world cup lies in the fact that some games remain pointless while in others, the goal scored inside the 1st minute. Here we will show you the fastest goals ever scored in the FIFA World Cup history as the records stretch back as far as the 1930s.

Fastest Goals In FIFA World Cup History

10 – Adalbert Desu

  • Nationality: Romania
  • Time: 50 Seconds
  • Opponent: Peru
  • Round: Group stage
  • World Cup: 1930

The 1930 World Cup witnessed one of the fastest goals ever scored during a group stage match between Romania and Peru. A Romanian played named Adalbert Desu has made stunning show and scored the first ever goal for Romania in their history. Guess the luck as he took just 50 seconds to score the first minute goal of his team’s first group game of the first football world cup.

9 – Florian Albert

  • Nationality: Hungary
  • Time: 50 Seconds
  • Opponent: Bulgaria
  • Round: Group stage
  • World Cup: 1962

The World Cup in 1962 who also produced another one of the fastest goals on record during a group stage game between Hungary and Bulgaria. Florian Albert, a Hungarian player scored a goal within 50 seconds as he took the ball from the opponent players in no time and hammered it into the nets just in 50 seconds. This was the 1st edition of mega event and the thrilling goal has impressed huge number of fans.

8 – Arne Nyberg

  • Nationality: Sweden
  • Time: 35 Seconds
  • Opponent: Hungary
  • Round: Semi final
  • World Cup: 1938

During the 1938 World Cup in France, Sweden faced Hungary during a semi-final match. Barney Newberg, a Swedish player scored a goal inside 35 seconds. Sweden eventually lost the game by five goals to one but the record remains as one of the fastest goals in the mega event’s history. The goal has brought a whole new level to the career’s glory of Nyberg and meant greatly for Sweden national football team.

7 – Emile Veinante

  • Nationality: France
  • Time: 35 Seconds
  • Opponent: Belgium
  • Round: Group stage
  • World Cup: 1938

Strangely the next goal was also scored at the 1938 World Cup in France and the goal was also scored inside the first 35 seconds during a match between France and Belgium. Emile Veinante got the pride for France and they went on winning the first round match by three goals to one. However, France couldn’t make their way to the semis as they faced loss against Italy in the round of 8.

6 – Bernard Lacombe

  • Nationality: France
  • Time: 30 Seconds
  • Opponent: Italy
  • Round: Group stage
  • World Cup: 1978

Another Frenchman is present in the list as he has scored magnificent goal for his team in the 1978 world cup. France was playing against Italy in a group stage match. Right in 30 seconds after the kick-off, the French striker Bernard Lacombe hit the ball into the nets and surprised the whole world. Replays showed that he immediately took the ball from Italian player and take it to the goal by the deception of his legs.

5 – Clint Dempsey

  • Nationality: USA
  • Time: 29 Seconds
  • Opponent: Ghana
  • Round: Group stage
  • World Cup: 2014

During the 2014 World Cup in South Africa, USA faced Ghana in group stage match as both were present in the same group G. The contest was hoped to be fiery and the same happened as Clint Dempsey gave USA the perfect start by firing home a shot inside the first 30 seconds. USA won the match with the lead of 2-1 over the opponent Ghana. However, the goal was always be good memory for USA and football fans.

4 – Bryan Robson

  • Nationality: England
  • Time: 27 Seconds
  • Opponent: France
  • Round: Group stage
  • World Cup: 1982

In 1982 World Cup in Spain, England faced France and Bryan Robson as captain of the England team scored a goal against the strong French side inside the first 27 seconds at the start of the game. England went on to win the game by three goals to one. There’s a header in there and a great shot for the defense. It was one of the most famous goal of mid-fielder’s career, which came at such a big stage.

3 – Ernst Lehner

  • Nationality: Germany
  • Time: 25 Seconds
  • Opponent: Austria
  • Round: 3rd Place
  • World Cup: 1934

1938 world cup is most thrilling in a sense as it is the only 3rd edition of the mega event and 2 of the fastest goals belongs to it. Just after few days of Arne Nyberg’ goal, Ernst Lehner broke the record of fastest goal by kicking the ball into the nets in just 25 seconds. The German striker did the trick in a match against Austria for the 3rd position match and it ruled the records book for more than 28 years.

2 – Vaclav Masek

  • Nationality: Czech
  • Time: 16 Seconds
  • Opponent: Mexico
  • Round: Group stage
  • World Cup: 1962

The second fastest goal came in 1962 world cup and it was Vaclav Masek, a Czech player who stunned the world with his quick-fire goal. At that time Czech and Slovakia were combined. The game was played between Czech and Mexico at Chile as South America has hosted the mega event. Masek has shown extraordinary talent and hit the back of net in mere 16 seconds. No other player can be able to break it until 2002.

1 – Hakan Sukur

  • Nationality: Turkey
  • Time: 11 Seconds
  • Opponent: South Korea
  • Round: 3rd Place
  • World Cup: 2002

Hakan Sukur needs no introduction as the Turkish has so many records to his name. One of them is the fastest goal, he scored in just 11 seconds in a world cup game against South Korea although the Korean has started the kickoff. It was not only the shocking moment for Korean side and fans but also for the whole world. Sukur broke the record after 20 years and it’s been 20 years that no other footballer came near it.

Top 10 Fastest Goals In FIFA World Cup History

1Hakan SukurTurkeyTurkey vs South Korea00:11Third place2002
2Vaclav MasekCzechCzech vs Mexico00:16Group stage1962
3Ernst LehnerGermanyGermany vs Austria00:25Third place1934
4Bryan RobsonEnglandEngland vs France00:27Group stage1982
5Clint DempseyUSAUSA vs Ghana00:29Group stage2014
6Bernard LacombeFranceFrance vs Italy00:30Group stage1978
7Emile VeinanteFranceFrance vs Belgium00:35Group stage1938
8Arne NybergSwedenSweden vs Hungary00:35Semi final1938
9Florian AlbertHungaryHungary vs Bulgaria00:50Group stage1962
10Adalbert DesuRomaniaRomania vs Peru00:50Group stage1930

FIFA World Cup 2022 is starting from November 20 as the dates and venue for the tournament announced. The live streams details also confirmed and fans are expecting for another quick-fire goal in the upcoming edition. All these are the complete details about the top 10 fastest goals in FIFA World Cup history. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!