Top 10 Greatest Finals In FIFA World Cup History

With less than a year remaining, The official countdown for FIFA Worldcup 2022 has begun. The 22nd edition will take place in Qatar. However, there’s still some time left in the next world cup. So, till then check on the list of all-time Greatest Worldcup finals played in the FIFA WorldCup.

10 Iconic World Cup Finals

These finals got the status of Classic and Entertaining by fans. These finals gave a thriller ride till the very end. Let’s take a look:

#8. Brazil 0-3 France, 1998

In 1998, France football won the 1st ever World Cup in a drastic manner. The host wasn’t favored to win against the defending champions Brazil. Soon the whistle begins, The match equation took an upside-down.

From the very first touch of the ball, France completely dominated the Brazilan strikers. As Ronaldo was suffering from illness, the French men surely handle the situation by marking him.

The cherry on the cake was Zidane’s two headers in the final. Brazilian defense has no clue on how to stop Zidane. A late goal Petit made it 3-0 and France lift the maiden Worldcup.

#7. Spain 1-0 Netherlands, 2010

Probably the greatest international side Spain who went on to win three back to back major international titles. 2008 Euros, 2010 FIFA World Cup and followed by 2012 Euros. They reached the 2010 World Cup final playing some of the best football in tournament. Came up against a very rigid/pragmatic yet talented Netherlands team who took them all the way to extra time. Iniesta as he usually do popped up with a surprise goal to win Spain their very first World Cup.

This match was known as beauty and the best in a sense Spain played beautiful attacking football and Netherlands resort to tough tackling violent style of football.

#6. Germany 1-0 Argentina, 2014

One of the most evenly matched finals in recent history saw Lionel Messi’s Argentina taking on Germany in the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil. Both teams had good chances early on but as the game went into second half it became a very cagey affair where both teams settled to “not lose at any cost” attitude rather then “win at any cost”.

Messi and Higuain missed couple of good chances and we all know you can’t do that against “z Germans”. There is a reason they are one of the most consistent international teams at world stage. As the game went into extra time, German took control of the game and finally scored late into second half of exta time when Mario Gotze produce a cute finish inside the box after a neat play and cross from André Schürrle.

#5. France 1-1 Italy (5-3 Italy), 2006

If Zidane was the hero in 1998 World Cup final, he became the villain in 2006 when he was sent off in the final against Italy after headbutting Materazzi. Italy went on to lift the trophy thanks to penalty shoot-out win and France left home with the world cup trophy.

Zidane was absolutely sensational throughout the tournament and even in Final he was the stand out player until he lost his head so to speak. It turned out to be his last international game and he retired from all professional football soon after.

#4. Netherlands 1-2 West Germany, 1974

Netherland introduces the Football world with The modern-day game. John Cyruff’s team was unstoppable in group and knockout matches. John Cyruff’s team established the play of Tikki takka, based on high pressing and complete dominance over the opposition.

However, their fairy tale run was over when Gerad Muller scored the winner. It was his last goal for the national team. Muller handed the defat to John’s Cyruff team which was the favorite to win.

#3. Italy 1-1 France, 2006

Although it was not the best final in terms of sportsman spirit, it was truly an action-packed finale. Zidane was playing his last ever football game. Before entering the match he announced his retirement.

France was the clear favorite to win as they dismantled the Brazilan team in a knockout game. Zidane scored the panenka penalty in the first half.

However, Materazzi scored an equalizer. Materazzi wrote his name in football history but not for the goal. In additional time, Materazzi provoked Zidane and as a result, Zidane headbutt him on the chest.

Zidane was sent off for the offense and Italy would go on to win the game via a penalty shoot-out.

#2.  Argentina 3-2 West Germany, 1986

Defeating England with a Hand of God, everyone believed this year Football Magician will surely win the world cup glory. German’s marked him and did not allow him any space.

However, Maradona surely lived to his name as he assists the third goal for Jorge Burruchaga which was enough for Argentina to win the final.

#1. England 4-2 West Germany, 1966

Scoring a goal in the final is a dream of many but scoring a match-winning hattrick was truly magic. There is no denial in that England vs West Germany 1966 was the Greatest Worldcup Finals among all.

This was England’s first-ever final and they were playing in their home ground Wembley. However, The visitors took an early lead in the match.

However, the host scored in the 18th min equalizer. Then scored again in the 78th min and took the lead only to botel in the end.

A late equalizer from Weber took the match to extra time. In extra time, Hurst’s magic begins when the player scores again in 102 minutes to put England 3-2.

All doubts were gone when Hurst scored again and made England the champions.

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