Watch FIFA World Cup Live On ITV Hub From Anywhere

FIFA World Cup will be getting underway on 20th November 2022 and football fans from around the world are already looking for the ways they can watch FIFA World Cup Live Online via official sources for free or at cheaper subscription rates. If you are one of those football fans, you are at the right place because we have 100% working guide on how you can watch ITV’s World Cup coverage from anywhere in the world.

Watch World Cup Live Streams online at Uk channel ITV Hub

ITV Hub’s FIFA World Cup Coverage:

ITV is state owned free-to-air network in the UK who will be sharing FIFA World Cup coverage in the UK alonside another free-to-air network BBC iPlayer. Both networks will have 32 games each to broadcast, the game which is on ITV wont be broadcasted live on BBC and vice versa. So UK residents can watch FIFA World Cup absolutely free both on TV and via official online streams.

Since ITV is also broadcasting FIFA World Cup live online via their streaming platform called “ITV Hub” it kind of opens up the oppertunity from people from outside UK to access ITV online streams from anywhere in the world. However you will need to change your IP address to UK if you are access ITV coverage from outside the UK. We explain how you can unlock it.

Unlocking ITV Hub World Cup Streams From outside UK:

ITV Hub online streams are available for free in the UK. However these streams are geo-blocked outside UK and if you are trying to access them from outside the UK, you will get an error message saying “Content only available in the UK”. But with a simple yet 100% working way you can unlock ITV hub. All you need is an VPN account and change you IP address to UK and you can access ITV hub.

How Does it Work ?

1. Buy an VPN account

2. Download and install VPN app on the device you are using to watch world cup

3. Connect to UK ip address inside the VPN app.

4. Once connected to UK IP address, visit ITV Hub online streaming portal or download their mobile application.

5. Create an free account at ITV hub.

6. Watch World Cup absolutely free from anywhere in the world. Just make sure you are connected to UK ip address while watching the streams.

Below is the more detailed step by step guide with real-time screen shots taken while unlocking ITV Hub from outside the UK.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Using VPN To Watch ITV HUB:

  1. Buy an VPN account (we recommend ExpressVPN).

    You can get ExpressVPN for just $6.67 a month during November. They have IP address available in four different cities in UK. Which will be helpful as ITV has limited online streaming connections available.

  2. Download and Install VPN app on the device you want to watch ITV Hub world cup coverage

    ExpressVPN apps are available for PC/Laptop/Phones/Tablets and even Consoles.

  3. Connect to UK IP address in the VPN app

    This is the most important part, Search countries in VPN app and select UK Ip address and switch it on.

  4. Creating Free ITV Hub Account:

    Once connected to UK IP address, just visit ITV Hub website in your browser. Once on ITV website. Click on create a new account. Put your details. You can use any UK postcode (simple search in google will get you one). Once account is created, verify your email and you are done.

  5. Watch ITV Hub World Cup Coverage:

    This is the live example of how it will look like once you have unlocked the ITV hub stream from outside the UK. See the VPN app on the right side its connected to you IP address. It should be kept this way as long as you are watching the match.

We have created several of these guides which you can see at countries with free world cup coverage page. Also remember to check out the BBC and ITV Schedule for world cup. You need to know which channel is showing the match.