All-Time Past Winners List Of FIFA World Cup

The official countdown of Fifa WorldCup 22th edition has begun officially. Less than 365 days remain at the start of the World Cup.

National teams from 32 nations will participate in the next year’s Worldcup, which will take place in Qatar.

Next year the Fifa world cup will start on 21 November and end on 18 December. So far, 13 teams from different continents have been qualified for the finals.

The remaining spots will be decided after the end of qualifiers, which will begin in the middle of March.

Before moving toward the next year’s WorldCup, let’s have a look at the past winners of every FIFA WorldCup and runners-up.

Past FIFA Worldcup winners and runner ups

 So far, 21 FIFA world cup editions had been played. 8 nations out 0f 206 taste the WorldCup glory. There are players who manage to win more than two Worldcup editions like Pele. On the other side, some famous players like John Cayruff, Leo Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo failed to win any.

Fifa WorldCup always brings the dose of entertainment for football fans all over the world. The WorldCup is starting next year, so fans are getting excited.

To maintain the excitement level, this article provides you with the complete list of previous WorldCup winners and runners-up.

YearWinnerRunner UpHost NationFinal Result
1930 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay4-2
1950Uruguay Brazil Brazil2-1
1954West Germany HungarySwitzerland3-2
1958 Brazil Sweden Sweden5-2
1962 BrazilCzechoslovakiaChile3-1
1966EnglandWest GermanyEngland4-2
1970 Brazil ItalyMexico4-1
1974West GermanyNetherlandsWest Germany2-1
1982 ItalyWest GermanySpain3-1
1986ArgentinaWest GermanyMexico3-2
1990West GermanyArgentinaItaly1-0
1994 BrazilItalyUnited States0-0
1998France BrazilFrance3-0
2002 BrazilGermanySouth Korea, Japan2-0
2010SpainNetherlandsSouth Africa1-0

Which team has won the most number of World cup?

Brazil’s national team has won the most number of WorldCup. Brazil won 5 world cups.

Which Player scored most number of Goals in FIFA Worldcup?

Miroslav Klose scored 16 goals, which is the most by any player in Worldcup. Ronaldo comes in 2nd place with 15 goals.

Which team reach the Finals most number of time in Worldcup?

Germany reaches the most number of times in Worldcup. Out of 21 finals, Germany reached 8 finals won 4, and lost 4 times.

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