National Federations Announce Match Fee And performance Bonuses For FIFA World Cup 2022

So far 13 countries have been qualified for the 2022 Worldcup. As these teams booked their flights for mega-event, Their national federations have announced match fee and bonuses to meet certain team objectives. If the team end up achieving the objectives, they will get the the promised bonuses which will be shared by entire squad and coaching staff. Take a look at Match Fee and Players Bonuses for the teams qualified so far.

National federation compensate players in two forms of payments.

A). Fixed Match Fee (Guaranteed) : the usual national team contract feature fixed match fee per match which is different for players who start the game and who play as sub or reserved squad

B). Team Performance Based Bonuses: These are pre-defined bonus offered by national FA’s to motivate players to achieve world cup objectives. Which are different from team to team.

The match fee and bonuses are not paid by FIFA and FIFA do not dictate how much federations are suppose to pay the players. Its solely national federations discretion on how much they pay to their national team players.  
CountryStarting XI Match Fee Per MatchSubs & Reserves Match Fee Per Match
France€4000 €2200
Spain€3500 €1500  
Argentina$4500 $4500
Netherlands€3500 €2000
Switzerland€5000 €3000
Serbia€4500 €3000
Croatia€5000 €3200
Belgium€7000 €4000
Denmark€4500 €3000
Qatar$10,000 $6,000

The majority of fans think players are getting paid to represent their countries. Well, yes they get paid but the match fee is not what you guys think.

Players get paid a match fee based on match appearance. Estimated an average player gets £2500 for most of the top nations.

The fee is not paid by FIFA but countries federation at their sole discrete pays the match fee and any team bonuses. On the other hand, the average Premier League footballer earns roughly £60,000 a week.

Most of the top nations like Germany, England, Brazil, France, Spain etc have smaller match fee but larger objective based bonuses.

German federation announced that if Germany win the world cup 2022 every player in the squad will get €1 million per player bonus. Similarly other federations also have team based objective bonuses for example Brazil always offer their team one of the highest bonus if they win the world cup.

below are list of some of the national FA who have already announced team objective based bonuses for FIFA World Cup 2022.

Brazil$2m per player if Brazil win the world cup. $750,000 per player if they finish runners-up.
Argentina$1.4m per player if Argentina can win world cup. $500,000 for qualifying for the final.
England£850,000 per player if they win world cup 2022. £315,000 for qualifying for quarterfinals.
France€1m per player for winning World Cup 2022. €500,000 if runners-up and €200,000 if finish in semifinal stage.
Germany€1m per player if Germany win World cup 2022. €500,000 per player if runners up. €200,000 if they finish 3rd/4th
Netherlands€1m per player for winning or €500,000 if they finish runners-up.
Spain€1.5m per player to win the world cup, €750,000 if they finish as second.
Croatia€2m per player to win the world cup. €1m per player if they finish in final four.
Serbia€2m per player to win the world cup. €650,000 if they qualify for semifinals
Denmark €3.5m per player to win the world cup. €1m if they qualify for semifinals

Also, Fifa has released the world cup 2022 schedule. Only 13 teams qualified out of 32. The rest of the spots will be taken after the qualifiers.

However, to boast teams like Nigeria, Iceland their federation announced if they qualify for the world cup, the team will get a million pounds.

Moreover, Fifa Increased its prize money for the next year WorldCup as well which obviously goes to national federations and they are not obliged to pay from it to players or coaching squad.

FAQs Regarding Match Fee and Players Bonuses

How much do England National Team players get paid?

They get paid £2500 per match appearance.

Which national team pay the highest match fee and bonus for winning the world cup ?

Brazil offered $2 million per player if they win the 2022 world cup.

Who pay the match fee ?

National federation pay the match fee at their sole discretion. FIFA do not dictate or oblige national federation to do so.

What do FIFA pay to national federations ?

FIFA has a revenue distribution system where all participating nations and the ones which did not qualify get solidarity or prize money payments from FIFA.

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