How To Watch FIFA World Cup On SBS On-Demand Australia

SBS is Australia’s state owned TV network and it has exclusive rights for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Australia. SBS will be producing live coverage of every world cup game on their traditional TV channels and also through their amazing SBS On-Demand online streaming platform which is also free for Australian residents. We guide you through how you can unlock unlock SBS On-Demand platform from outside Australia.

SBS TV channels and On-Demand streaming platform both are geo-blocked outside. But with a simple yet 100% working trick you can unlock SBS streams from anywhere in the world.

Watch FIFA World Cup on SBS On-Demand Streaming from Australia free

Unlocking SBS On-Demand Streaming From Outside Australia:

The process is simple yet effected. SBS On-Demand streaming can be accessed by anyone in Australia and all they have to do is signup on their website for an account. Which can be done from even outside Australia. However, the actual streams are region-locked and won’t start if you are accessing them from outside Australia. So all you have to do is 1). Register account at SBS website. 2). Change your IP address to Australia.

Create an account at “” which only require Name, Email, DOB and Gender. Account can be created from anywhere in the world.

Now when you login after created the account, some streams you will be able to play and most you can not because of Copyright issues as most streams are locked to be access from only inside Australia. Which take us to second step. Which is as simple as changing your IP address to Australia. Which can be done with the use of VPN.

Using VPN to Unlock SBS On-Demand Streams:

VPN help you to change the IP address of your device (Laptop or Phone) to any other country. VPN will cost you around $5 to $7 a month. We have tested this whole process with ExpressVPN which we highly recommend as not only it worked like a charm in 2018 World Cup. But just before we finished this article, we unlocked SBS Streams via ExpressVPN while sitting sipping coffee in LA, USA.

How Does It Work ?

The process is simple. just follow the steps below and you are good to go.

  • Buy an VPN from one of the reputed VPN providers (we recommend ExpressVPN)
  • Download and Install the VPN app on the device you want to use for streaming.
  • Connect to Australian IP Address inside the VPN app.
  • Now go back to your normal browser you use and visit SBS On-Demand website.
  • Register for an free account (if you already have one move to next step)
  • Click on “Live TV” and you have yourself free FIFA World Cup coverage from official source

Below screenshot shows the final result of unlocking SBS On-Demand streaming from outside Australia absolutely free with the help of ExpressVPN.

This screen shot was taken in real-time after unlocking SBS On-Demand streams from outside Australia. ExpressVPN works perfectly and streaming itself is smooth.

Details of SBS’s FIFA World Cup Coverage:

SBS has the rights for all 64 matches in the world cup. Their coverage starts around 30 minutes before each game with pre-match show. For matches where Australia national team is playing coverage will begin one hour before kickoff.

Richard Bayliss is one of the presenters while some former Australia and international players will be on the expert panel giving their opinion. Tim Cahill and Harry Kewel are expected to join the SBS team for World Cup coverage.