How To Watch FIFA World Cup On beIN Sports Connect ?

One of the biggest sports network, beinsports has exclusive FIFA World Cup 2022 rights in middle-east and north african countries. The region is known as (MENA) and beIN Sports will produce live coverage of every single World Cup 2022 match via their channels and through their official live streaming platforms. beIN Sports is premium subscription based network in MENA region but it is much cheaper then compared to FoxSports subscription in the US and we guide you through how you can get beIN Sports coverage from anywhere in the world.

watch fifa world cup on beIN Sports from anywhere in thew world

How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 On beIN Sports (Middle-East)

FIFA World Cup 2022 exclusive rights in MENA region are with beIN Sports which is one of the biggest networks in the world of sports. They have 92 channels and leading upto the world cup they will have two channels dedicated to 24/7 coverage of FIFA World Cup till the end of tournament.

beIN Sports Connect Streaming:

beIN Sports is also available via their beIN Sports Connect (online streaming portal and mobile application). This service comes with the normal subscription. So if you have the beIN Sports TV package you also get online streaming options.

You can watch beIN Sports connect via their official website

beIN Sports Connect Mobile Application:

Connect is also available with official mobile application from beIN Sports. The login details will be give to the customer when he signs up for beIN Sports subscription package.

Available Language/Commentary:

beIN Sports world cup coverage will be available in both Arabic and English language. They have whole setup for English language coverage where the likes of Richard Keys and Andry Grey host the pre-match and post match shows. Notable experts during the world cup are Arsene Wenger, Ruud Gullit and even Jose Mourinho during the knockout stages.

Can You Watch beIN Sports Live Streams outside of MENA region ?

Technically speaking no. Because beIN connect live streams are geo-blocked outside the MENA region. However you can get around it and watch it from anywhere in the world with the use of VPN.

All you have to do is change your IP address to Qatar (Doha). Buy the subscription of beIN Sports costing around $10 a month and you have unlimited streaming for world cup months.

Using VPN to Unlock beIN Sports From Anywhere In The World ?

Below is 100% working guide on how you can unlock beIN Connect streams from anywhere in the world.

  • Buy an VPN account (we recommended ExpressVPN).
  • Download and Install VPN app on the device you want to watch beIN Sports coverage.
  • Connect to Qatar (Doha) IP address in the VPN app.
  • Once connected to Qatar IP adress. Go back to your normal browser and visit beIN Sports subscription page
  • After buying the subscription you will get login details for beIN connect online portal and mobile applications. Now whenever you want to watch beIN Sports connect to Qatar IP address and open watch live streams on either laptop or your phone via beIN connect.
We tested this whole process with ExpressVPN and changing our IP address to Algeria. beIN Sports subscription is rather cheap from Algeria. Above screenshot was taken in real time.

We have produced in-depth “How to watch world cup” guides for every big channel in the world. Some top rated channels are actually free to stream with the help of VPN from anywhere in the world. So you might want to check it out.