How To Watch ZDF & ARD German Coverage of FIFA World Cup Live Online From Anywhere In the World Absolutely Free

ZDF and ARD are two state owned free-to-air channels in the Germany. They have broadcasting rights to show 48 world cup matches in Germany. Both channels will share 24 matches each and they have already announced their picks for group stages. Since both of these channels also produce live streams for World Cup via their official streaming portal which are free for all German residents. People from outside Germany can access this content as well by using just a simple trick. We guide you through how you can get it done.

How To Watch FIFA World Cup via ZDF & ARD in German Coverage From Anywhere In the World ?

Both ZDF and ARD will be producing live streams of World Cup matches for its German residents which are totally free. However to access these live streams from outside Germany are not possible normally. As the content/streams are geo-blocked outside German. But if you could change you IP address to Germany it will unlock the content for you even if you are not in Germany. So how can you change you IP address ?

Using VPN To Unlock ZDF and ARD World Cup Coverage From outside Germany:

All you have to do is buy an VPN account from one of the reputed VPN providers. VPN helps you change the IP address of any device you are using. In this case we will take example of Laptop and Phone.

Recommended VPN: The process is very straight forward. However it cost to get VPN account. We recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Both are top quality and ExpressVPN actually help make the streaming smoother.

How Does IT Work ?

Once you buy the VPN account, the process to unlock ZDF and ARD coverage is pretty straight forward.

  • Buy An VPN account with ExpressVPN
  • Download ExpressVPN app or extension on the device you want to use to watch World Cup Streams.
  • Once download/installed. Open the app and just pick German as you IP address.
  • Once connect to German IP address. Depending on which channel is showing the match go to that channel online streaming portal in your browser.
  • Visit ZDF official online streams at:
  • Visit ARD official online streams at:
  • Keep your VPN connected to German IP and you have yourself uninterrupted coverage of FIFA World Cup.

This is the real-time live screen shot taken by us after unlocking ARD live streams from outside German thanks to ExpressVPN.

MagentaTV Coverage of World Cup 2022 In Germany:

In Germany ZDF and ARD has rights for 48 world cup matches. Most of them are in group stages, all German national team matches and some knockout ties. However if you want to access all matches in German coverage you would need subscription of MagentaTV which is available via T-mobile for just €10 euro a month. New T-mobile users have actually 6 months free and will be charged from 7th month on a 12 month contract.

Editor’s Picks:

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