Top 10 Best eSPORTS Books Of All Times

Best Esports Books Of All Time

Books have always been the best friend of humans since the day the beginning. 

No matter what industry you belong to, books can guide you throughout your life by holding remarkable power in the form of knowledge.

When it comes to best Esports books, it might sound a bit odd, because every second person thought that why we need a book in esports to become successful.

Here in this post, we have picked up the best eSports books of all time that can give you helpful insights to get started in the industry.

If this does not sound unbelievable to you, then read this article till the end to know more!

1 – The Invisible Game: Mindset Of A Winning Team

The invisible game is a very popular Esports book published in 2017. This was the time when Esports was getting some serious attention.

This book contains information and insights about the top Esports player who has a successful career.

The detail from this book will help you in your mental development as a gamer.

 This book has ranked as one of the best Esports books on several famous platforms and is surely a treasure that leads to success.

2 – Playing To Win

Back in the times of 2010, Playing To Win was the only book that deeply focused on Esports.

It is one of the best Esports books of all time that we recommend you to read if you want to become a successful Esports athlete.

The author of this book is also a former Streetfighter player who crafted several experiences on “how to get started in Esports”

You might be thinking that these things can be searched online, then why do we have to read a book for it

Well, when the book was officially released, internet research was not a trend. However, this book still has helpful insights that you can not find online.

3 – A Newborn Business: Esports

The author of this book is Zoltan Andrejcovis, who is also the author of the first book that we mentioned “The Invisible Game”.

This book was released in 201 and clear several concerns of every person who wants to get started as a competitive player in Esports.

However, it also discusses the popular aspects of famous Esports games like:

  • Fortnite
  • DOTA 2
  • League Of Legends

4 – Good Luck Have Fun: Rise Of eSports

“Good Luck Have Fun” is a trendy book written by Roland Li and published in 2016.

This book has discussed every aspect of the fast-emerging industry of eSports with prime examples and trends.

You will also find the success stories of famous competitive players like Alexander Garfield, Brandon Neck, and Marc Merril.

Due to its informative insights, this book has been listed in the top 10 esports books of all time.

5 – Esports Is Business: Management In The World of Competitive Gaming

The “Esports Is Business” is the second-best Esports book that gives in-depth insights into business overviews.

It is a business-oriented book that gives readers a fresh and unique perspective of predictions about success and opportunities.

The author of this book is Tobias Scholz who mainly wrote this book for eSports professionals scholars who aim ot learn about the industry, and newbies who are curious to new about how the eSports business works.

6 – Raising The Stakes

Raising the stakes highlights several aspects of the Esports industry written by T.L. Taylor.

This book tells us about how eSports came to be and how it became a new rising industry for professional gamers and athletes.

However, this book has gained fame all over the world by giving detailed insights into the culture of gaming.

It is also one of the oldest books regarding esports as it was released in 2012. In fact, you can now get a great comparison from 2012 to till now.

7 – Dal Yong Jin; Korea’s Online Gaming Empire

Korea’s Online Gaming Empire is written by a South Korean author.

He discussed a wide range of topics starting from the rapid growth of Esports in the Korean country to the most interesting areas.

This book has shown how the Esports gaming culture has affected the youth of Korea and also economic changes.

This book has nothing to improve your skills.

But is a great South Korean cultural book that explains fascinating stories and predictions about the upcoming years regarding eSports.

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