Best FIFA Esports Players Ranked According To Prize Money Won

10 Best FIFA Esports Players You May Or May Not Know

FIFA is one of the biggest football organizations in the world that organize soccer tournaments.

They also have a competitive video game known as FIFA World Cup that has the best FIFA Esports players all over the world.

There is no doubt that the fans who love football and FIFA, also have craziness for this game.

However, this competitive game has earned the status of celebrity to several Esports players.

Moreover, the amount of money they have earned is quite considerable.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the list of Best FIFA Esports Players who appears to be made for football.

10 Best Esports FIFA Players

1 – Donovan Hunt

The first player on our list is Donovan hunt who competes in Esports for Fnatic.

He is a talented-British FIFA player and made his reputation by winning seven online tournaments.

The gamer name of this player is Tekkz who has an excellent skill set for playing on different consoles.

Xbox and Playstation are the main consoles that Donovan Hunt likes to play.

Tekk is also a youtube content creator who has more than 700K subscribers on youtube.

Moreover, he has made around $400,000 in prize money playing FIFA video games.

Earnings By Year

FIFA 18$27,000
FIFA 19$271,125
FIFA 20$148,205
FIFA 21$250

Tournaments He Won

2019 ePremier League
PGL FIFA 19 Masters Bucharest
PGL FIFA 19 Cup Bucharest
2019 FIFA eWorld Cup
FUT Championships

2 – Niklas Raseck

Niklas is a German Esports football player who is currently a member of Guild Esports.

He started playing as a professional football player with the release of FIFA 15.

Raseck is also a Twitch streamer and has a fan following of 11,000.

Besides his fan following, he managed to earn $200,000 prize money throughout his Esports career in FIFA.

Lastly, Niklas has the title of coming in the Top 10 FIFA World Cup 2019.

Earnings By Year

FIFA 17$7,500
FIFA 18$38,665
FIFA 19$48,750
FIFA 20$96,580

Tournament Winnings

FIFA 20 Stage 2
FUT 30 Champions Cup
FIFA 19 Global Series

3 – Olle Arbin: One Of The Best FIFA Esports Players

The gamer tag of this player is Ollelito and he is a Swedish FIFA esports player.

Since FIFA 18, Olle Arbin has appeared in several FIFA eSports tournaments and matches.

He also ignites his passion for football by creating content and streaming on different platforms like Youtube and Twitch.

In fact, he has 40,000 subscribers on youtube and 31,000 on Twitch.

Being an active streamer on youtube and twitch, Ollelito makes a tremendous amount of money which is more than anything for a 20 years old boy.

However, he had won around $120,000 prize money playing FIFA Esports tournaments.

Earnings By Year


Winning Tournaments

FIFA 20 Stage 3
FUT 20 Champions Cup Tournament

4 – Henrique Lempke

Henrique Lempke is a Brazillian Esports player who is currently a member of Esports team Dux.

He is one of the best FIFA Esports Players on our list. In the early years of his career, Henrique struggles a lot.

Although, he has earned around $130,657 by appearing in 13 tournaments.

In the FIFA Esports community, he stays at the top by achieving success in tournaments and making his Esports team proud. 

Earnings By Year


Winning Tournaments

FUT Champion Cup Stage 4
eChampions League Finals
FIFA Global Series Ranking 2020 PS4
FUT Champions Cup 2018
FUT Champions Cup 2019

5 – Mossad Aldossary

Mossad Aldossary was born in Saudia Arabia and competes as a professional Esports footballer for Team Falcon.

He is one of the best FIFA Esports Players and has won the highest prize money in FIFA Esports matches.

Mossad won seven tournaments in FIFA in which he won 2 FIFA Esports World Championships in a row in one year.

Appearing in 23 different tournaments, he has earned more than $646,445 prize money which is quite impressive.

Earnings By Year

FIFA 17$31,500
FIFA 18$284,500
FIFA 19$210,865
FIFA 20$69,580
FIFA 21$40,000

Winning Tournaments

FIFA eWorld Cup 2018
FIFA e World Cup 2019
FUT Champions Cup 2019 London
FIFA 21 Global Series
FUT Champions Cup 2018

6 – Diego Campagnani

Here we are talking about a FIFA Esport player, who is 23 years old and has a very interesting gaming name.

Diego Campagnani is an Italian FIFA player who is also famous as “Crazy Fat Gamer”.

However, he does not achieve the highest levels of success and earnings.

But, still, Diego is a competitive player that can give you a really tough competition.

In his FIFA gaming career, Diego has earned around $50,000 by appearing in 8 tournaments.

7 – Thomas Leese

Tom is a league member of the eSports team Excel eSports and became their official member after they pay a transfer fee of 100K pounds to Hashtag United.

The fact that Leese is one of the hottest Esports FIFA players, he came under the limelight pretty fast

Appearing in different FIFA eSports tournaments, Tom has made over $100,000 by playing a single game.

Earnings By Year


Tournament Winnings

ePremier League 2020
FUT Champions Cup Stage 3 – Atlanta 2020
FIFA Global Series Rankings 2020 PS4
FIFA 20 Summer Series EU
What is Tekkz net worth?

The networth of Tekkz is around $650k. He earns a majority of its earning by playing FIFA game

When did Tekkz start playing FIFA?

Tekkz started playing FIFA when he was only 16 years old. His determination and passion made him the best esports player of FIFA

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