Top 10 Madden NFL Esports Players With Highest Prize Money Winnings

Best Madden NFL 22 Esports Players

There is no doubt that Madden NFL is a very popular sports game and has a large fan following.

It has made some best Madden NFL Esports players in the world that are doing remarkably great in their gaming careers.

However, the season of football is coming this year and fans are already excited to see the competitive matches in traditional sports and esports.

Although the industry of eSports is becoming competitive day by day, there are some players who have to maintain their reputation and success in their esports careers.

Below we have mentioned the names of the best Madden NFL eSports players that you may or may not know!

1 – Eric Wright Aka Problem

The first player n our list named him “problem”, and he is actually a problem for other competitive players.

Wright is a fan of Madden game since 1993, and he started his professional career in this game in 2005.

He has also started playing other competitive games like Fortnite, and COD. But, the skillset he had for Madden NFL us unbeatable.

TIll now he has made around $390,000 by playing and winning in Madden.

To upscale his success, he had started a company that provides coaching services and in-depth insights.

However, he is also a streamer on the Twitch platform.

Highest Prize Money Won

Virgin Gaming Madden Challenge 2013 $140,000
ESPN2 Madden Nation Season 3 $100,000
Madden Championship 2017$70,000
Madden Bowl Live Finals$45,000
Madden Club Championship$20,000

2 – Jacob Wallak Aka Jwall

Jacob Wallack is another Premier Esports player of Madden. He has earned over $150,000 playing this game.

However, the single cause of his notable fame was getting the victory over Pavan Lakhat in the Madden 21 Club Championship.

Although he has also earned several notable achievements and victories by showing his excellent skills in the game.

Most Notable Achievements

Madden 21 Club Championship
Madden 21 LevelNext Collegiate Tournament
Friday Night Football Champion
Muthead League Season 8

3 – Drini Gjoka Aka Drini

Drini Gjoka is an upcoming star in the competitive game Madden NFL. he is one of the best players who started his career at the age of 18.

Drini has earned over $45,000 by winning 2 tournaments. He is the youngest person to win the Madden Championship.

After appearing and winning several leagues and series in Esports, Gjoka has also finished as a winner and earned the title in Madden Bowl 2019.

HIghest Prize Money Won

Madden 19 Bowl$40,000
Madden Club Championship$5,000

4 – Raidel Brito Aka Joke

Raidel Brito is a very respectable Madden player for years and he is also the most competitive player you may not wish to compete with.

After winning the 2020 Bowl Championship, he dedicated his championship to Taylor “Spotme” Robertson who was shot and killed at a Madden event in 2019.

Currently, he is a member of XSet Madden and earned over $46,750 by appearing and winning in 4 tournaments.

Highest Prize Money Won

Madden Championship 2017$35,000
Madden Bowl Live Finals$5,000
Madden Club Championship$5,000
Madden 2017 Classic$1,750

5 – Shay Kivlen Aka Young Kiv

Shay Kivlen is a highly professional Madden player who finished school as a multi-sport athlete.

After getting injuries and taking a break from his traditional sports career, he starts playing Madden NFL competitively.

He won the Madden Bowl in the event of 2018 which was his first major victory.

There are two major elements that make him a very tough player, the quick adjustment on defense and constant air attack.

The Young Kiv is a very kind-hearted person, he once played a game competing with Mike Evans to fund the funeral costs for the families of the two players killed at the Madden event in Jacksonville.

Currently, he is a player on the 818 Madden Esports Team.

Highest Prize Money Won

Madden Ultimate League Championship – $100,000

6 – Trae Horne Aka Tweez

Tweez is an underrated Madden player who didn’t come under the spotlight since 2018.

He took the advantage of playing anonymously and even qualified for the 2018 Madden Classics.

However, his competitors don’t know his strengths and weakness of him as he came out of nowhere.

Although he shows other players that he likes to take advantage of intricate pass defense adjustments and can perfectly stop air-raid style offenses.

We don’t know much about his earnings and achievement as he is not a social media guy and likes to keep his profile and earnings private.

But at least it is safe to say, he is a highly competitive Madden NFL player and can qualify easily for high prize money tournaments.

7 – Pavan Lakhat Aka Pavan

Pavan Lakhat is a professional Madden NFL player and is famously known as Pavan in the gaming world.

He is one of the best players of Madden NFL in the world and has high success records.

Pavan has earned an impressive amount of $260,000 from Madden tournaments.

Moreover, he is the first player in the history of Esports who has earned four consecutive Club Championships with the same team.

8 – Reginald Brown Aka Boogz

Boogz is the most influential player Madden player who struggled a lot in the last couple of years.

After qualifying in 2017 for four major tournaments, he secured a top 10 finish in all events.

He is a staple at the top of the leaderboard. Unfortunately, he never finished in any tournament as a #1 player.

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