10 Best Stocks You Should Consider To Invest In Esports In 2022


Did you ever think to invest your money in Esports? If you are already doing it, then we are glad to hear it.

However, if that is not the case and you are still seeking opportunities to invest in Esports, then relax!

Because we are going to provide you best ways to invest in Esports stocks and some other investing operations that can be a good financial decision for you.

There is no doubt, that the $1.08 Billion Esports industry is growing rapidly like a fire in the jungle.

It also brought several careers and investing opportunities for those who want to earn passively and become rich without coming under the notice of anyone.

If spectating other player’s game and wasting time is not your thing, then these investment opportunities can unlock the potential of earning more than these Esports players.

Let’s get started!

Esports Stocks That Are Worth Purchasing

The first option that you should consider before investing in esports is to go through publicly traded stocks.

There are several major companies that are worth investing in as they are growing with the industry.

However, if you are new to stocks and to the world of esports, then stocks and trading would be a great choice for you.

1 – Activision Blizzard

The first Esports-related company on our list is Activision which has a market worth of $45 billion.

They are the global publishers and developers behind the top-class games played in the world.

The company mainly operates three primary business segments focusing on console gaming, PC gaming, and mobile gaming.

Whenever you think about investing in this company, we strongly recommend them as they have captured a large portion of the market.

Company Value$45 Billion
Average Stock Price$79.60
CEOBobby Kotick
Company Founded In9 July 2008

2 – EA Sports: Electronic Arts

Electronic Sports is the second-largest gaming company in the world that has a market value of $31 Billion.

In terms of market capitalization and revenue generation, they are ranked #2 in Europe and North America.

Their top games are FIFA World Cup and Apex Legends that has a large fan following and users.

Although, it is safe to say that FIFA World Cup is the 6th best-selling franchise in the history of video games.

Company Value$31 Billion
Average Stock Price$127.32
CEOAndrew Wilson
Founded InMay 27, 1982

3 – Modern Times Group: Perfect Company To Invest In Esports

Another company in Esports to invest your money in is Modern Times Group which has an estimated net value of $770 million.

This company is based in Sweden and focuses mainly on gaming entertainment and Esports.

This enterprise owns several companies connected to Esports such as:

  1. ESL (operating as stakes in Esports League and event organization)
  2. Dreamhack (World’s largest esports and gaming festival)
  3. Innogames (online gaming company)
  4. Kongregate (online gaming company)

By now, if you think to invest in esports stocks of these companies with minimal risk and high-profit potentials, then you are thinking right!

Company Value$770 Million
Average Stock Price$14
CEOMaria Redin
Founded In1987

4 – Hardware Companies That Provide Equipment

If you aren’t sure ot investing your money in Esports companies, then purchasing stocks of the hardware companies is another option.

There are several hardware companies that provide equipment purely focused on gaming such as keyboards, gaming mouse, and headsets.

We all know that gaming is becoming more competitive day by day, so there is no doubt that companies might have a chance to fall.

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